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Looking for info on Speedo repair

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Found this site while searching for repairs to my Honda TRX450ES FourTrax digital speedometer display. Kept seeing the user name AKATV and found that he does great work through this site. So here I am and so far, I really like the wealth of info available in addition to finding AKATV.

I'm not a big  trail rider, just hang on my property. I bought my 450 new in 98. Went thru the whole ES failure with a parts cannon and finally just converted to manual. Had a spill a couple of weeks ago that cracked the speedo cover. Left it outside (usually barn kept) and of course it dumped like Noah. Drained the water from the speedo and now the display is more or less blank. I do get the Neutral and Reverse lights, but that's it.

I'll be hanging around for awhile, just enough to be annoying. Thanks in advance 😁  R

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just enough to be annoying


i like the handle, And....Oh yeah... You'll fit in just a puzzle piece... Big welcome! 

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