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Not Much Difference between 7 and 73 !!

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All this darn virus stuff has been good for me. My 7yr. old Grandson has been spending everyday with us. Like others, his school closed down, and the daycare he goes to closed also. Believe me, I'm no where near being an "Un-certified 1st Grade Teacher". It has to be done, so ...........  Well, last weeks science and art project was to make something useful or fix something. 


My Grandson decided we should make a new "Deer Feeder". The other one is 20+ years old and on it's last leg.


He drew up the Plan :         Yep, you're right 8 legs, cause the old one's legs keep breaking.



He did all the measuring. Measure 2 times , no 3 times, no............ .....cut once! He drilled the holes for the screws and loved the screw gun !  Well we gott 'er DONE !


Now I know, the only difference between a 7yr old and a 73yr old is   ::  26 feet of 2x4  and about 32 wood screws !! 




Look Grandpa, it's just like my plan !!





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