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  1. Got the rack back from Powder Coating. Turned out better than I had hoped for. Here is the strap I used for the windshield mount. An added benefit of the rack, now I know and can see exactly where the front corners of the “Buggy” are.
  2. So how does a 72 yr old one arm hunter put up a tree stand in the middle of a fresh planted corn field? That tree is almost dead center in the middle of the section. Well, it takes 2 winches, 2 pulleys, 4 ropes, a portable battery, and of course a well equipped Honda.
  3. Hope those last few empty holes are enough to get you by. LOL
  4. While hunting in the 700 last fall, it seemed like I just didn't have enough room. Throw a couple tree stands in the back, a pop-up blind, a couple chairs, and a cooler. NO ROOM! Where the heck do you put the bow cases? So I decided to try my luck at a "Front Rack". Figured it should be aluminum to save on weight when I need to remove it to access under the hood. Using an old bow case as a pattern, I attempted to make an aluminum basket to hold the case. This was my first time working with 5/8" aluminum rod. So we won't talk about the practice bends. LOL ! Or what they cost. Well the basket finally took shape. The basket is 48" wide x 24" deep at the widest part with a 3 1/2" high railing. Added the front mount that extends down to the front bumper and mounts with two quick release clamps. The entire basket and railing is made of the 5/8" round aluminum rod. The mesh is 3/4 x 9ga. aluminum flat diamond stock. Two flat straps were bent into an odd "L" shape to mount against the windshield to hold the back of the rack. (Smart man would have taken a picture of them) I was in such a hurry to get the rack across town to a place that does Powder Coating, I didn't take a picture of the rear mounts or the rack fully mounted. Soooooo guess I'll have to post them next week when I get it back.
  5. Some folks have all the luck! Then they live in Montana to boot!
  6. Nice, is that a factory windshield ?
  7. All this darn virus stuff has been good for me. My 7yr. old Grandson has been spending everyday with us. Like others, his school closed down, and the daycare he goes to closed also. Believe me, I'm no where near being an "Un-certified 1st Grade Teacher". It has to be done, so ........... Well, last weeks science and art project was to make something useful or fix something. My Grandson decided we should make a new "Deer Feeder". The other one is 20+ years old and on it's last leg. He drew up the Plan : Yep, you're right 8 legs, cause the old one's legs keep breaking. He did all the measuring. Measure 2 times , no 3 times, no............ .....cut once! He drilled the holes for the screws and loved the screw gun ! Well we gott 'er DONE ! Now I know, the only difference between a 7yr old and a 73yr old is :: 26 feet of 2x4 and about 32 wood screws !! Look Grandpa, it's just like my plan !!
  8. Ahhhh, seems like everything I get for the Honda always has a couple of "00's" behind it. LOL
  9. My 6x6 Polaris has a set of tracks for the rear wheels. So far, I haven't been able to get it stuck with the tracks installed. I'm slowly running out of time tho. At 72, I lack "SOME" of the stupidity I once had. Soooooooooo !!!!!!!!!! I bought this thing in 2003. Was taking hunters to Colorado Elk Hunting. The regulations for hauling and using horses for elk retrieval got so stupid and expensive, this was a better way to go. I won't even guess how many elk that thing has hauled. But it is a lot! I've had two men over 200 lbs. sitting on the front rack. Just to hold the front end on the ground while climbing some steep hills with an elk lashed in the box. Hey, hold my beer ! Watch this !
  10. It's the mystery ones that tend to be the most uncomfortable and need extra attention.
  11. Is the handle adjustable? Looks a little high for my wife! 😄
  12. This is a question. I'm wondering if : When you leave the GPS on and the unit is not moving, the image would still appear as a straight line since the satellite is still moving. Basically, the satellite is tracking itself and recording it's own path. Older units seem to do it more often.
  13. Yep , Small - Medium - Large - XL - ......... - OMG!
  14. Poor Guy, must be going thru a divorce!
  15. Reading the updates on what fixed the problem is always a learning experience for me. THANKS for the info !
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