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  1. Try a good welding shop. We do lots of them on snowmobiles. It's not uncommon to have to weld a nut on there several times. I've done 10 weld on nuts on a bolt that was broken off, drilled crooked, and had a broke off extractor in it. If the first couple of welded nuts twist off, try letting it cool before wrenching on it, like letting it set overnight. Typically, with a broken bolt that is drilled crooked, try tightening it before trying to back it out. I'm talking just a tad. Then work it back and forth a little at a time, to knock the burrs off the threads from the crooked drilling. Goes without saying, gently feel what is going on, you can't use brute force to get it out. When ever you get any play / clearance, spray that sucker with a good penetrating oil. I haven't seen a tool that can be used as a guide. But I lead a sheltered life, to ! old to change. Your Machine Shop should be able to mount it in a Mill and square and drill it for you.
  2. Ya mean like these guys?? This is my favorite. At least he didn't steal my camera.
  3. Outnback


    All you folks be safe down there. Can't imagine what that would be like. Prayers for all of you!
  4. Got to admit, I've paid my share of "Stupid Tax" in my lifetime.
  5. OMG! Your Dad sounds like me! LOL! What do you think of that Ferris? I've been looking at one of those. How good do they mow on bumpy ground?
  6. Really enjoy all the photos. That definitely is "God's Country"! Now that remodel project is fantastic!
  7. I can post a complete parts list if you need it. From what I read on here, all of you guys who can look at those pictures and improve on the idea!! I haven't figured out why you guys put up with an Old Fart like me ??? But I sure learn a lot and enjoy being here !
  8. This area is all sugar sand, covered with 6" of black dirt. I poured "Buckshot Gravel" (smaller than pea size) around the pipe after I reached my depth. That helps keep the sugar sand out. These type of wells normally last 25-30 years then they are all plugged up by the super fine sand. It's easier to drill another well than to clean out the old one.
  9. HOLY CRAP ! This well is just for watering the lawn and critters. My well out in the Black Hills is only 110 ft. deep thru solid granite.
  10. Only if there is a pinhole leak somewhere. If the roots find the least bit of water, they will force themselves/grow into the pipe. Otherwise, they just grow around it. That tree was planted in 1964, so it's a young one by tree standards. Sure was nice working in the shade on a 100 degree day. 😎
  11. Nope, it is all SCH 40 PVC. Bought all the pieces at local hardware store. I like to help local Mom & Pop places when I can. No metal at all. Just used my angle grinder to cut the slots in the first pipe.
  12. Sorry Guys, tried to edit my post twice. It wouldn't let me, said it timed out or has been moved or deleted. I wanted to add : The wooden handle is just scrap oak I had. It attaches to the pipe with 2 - 5 1/2" radiator hose clamps. The board wasn't wide enough, so I used the aluminum plate for an adapter. The drill head is 2" PVC connectors and where the hoses attach, they are 3/4" PVC.
  13. Originally I saw this method on a You Tube video. I tried their method and it worked fair. I didn't like how it was twisting my "Well Screen Pipe". I completely pulled the first pipe back out of the ground, rebuilt the drill head. Started by cutting teeth on the bottom pipe. Then glued the funnel shaped piece inside the 4" pipe. That piece is actually not made for what I did with it. It's a 3" x 2" threaded adapter. I ground the outside tabs off so it would fit inside the 4" pipe. I then installed a 2" PVC pipe down the center of the main 4" pipe. Screwed (has a male threaded end) it into the funnel shaped adapter I had previously glued inside the toothed pipe. This stopped the 4" piece from back filling and getting clogged. It also gave me more water volume at the bottom, since I wasn't filling a 4" pipe. It also increased the water pressure. It actually cut faster and a lot easier.. When I got to 27 ft.I stopped drilling, and I just unscrewed the center 2" pipe and removed it from the inside of the 4" pipe, I learned it takes one garden hose to go the first 10 ft. length of pipe. Then you have to add another garden hose for each 10 ft. you go down. On the last section of pipe, I had three garden hoses and my air compressor hooked to the drill head. I should add, each garden hose has 80 lbs. of pressure. A person might be able to do the same with a high pressure pump. The water is needed to wash the drillings up to the top on the outside of the pipe. I was amazed how the toothed PVC cut thru tree roots over 1" in diameter. That is a huge Sugar Maple tree, maybe 80 ft. tall. First pipe goes real easy. Just keep rounding out the drill hole to be larger than the 4" pipe. Second section takes a little more work. The last section took 3 garden hoses and an air hose to wash all the drillings to the top. Be patient and it works fine. Then with a little luck you get to this point. The first pipe to go down was a 10 ft. piece of " Well Screen". It has slots around the pipe to allow more water into the pipe. The You Tube method just didn't work for this type of pipe. Oh, the guy up in the tree, I help him and his wife each fill their cow elk tags a couple years ago. Helped the guy in the white T shirt get his elk also.
  14. Darn, these Honda's are Great! Here is my 700 in action. Drilling a 30 ft. well using 4" PVC pipe and a water hose. In my area, for each 10 ft. we went down, had to add another water hose to wash the drillings out.
  15. My neighbor just picked up a Rancher 420 ES. It has a foam air filter mounted on an inner metal basket. What's your preferred method to clean the foam?
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