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  1. Well........ @shadetree I did try, but I was very unsuccessful. The silts around here are somewhat impossible and I needed to get it out of the shop. Lol I'm struggling a bit getting the carburetor dialed in but the 2x4/4x4 mod worked perfectly!!
  2. Thanks @shadetree Can't say I'm new to it but due to unexpected life crap, it got put on hold for 2 years. Been back at it for about a month, closing in and had a liteteral brain fart. Took pics of everything, except that bolt down location on the engine....I'll remember that. Hahahaha
  3. Like someone please take a pic or two and refresh me where I bolt this. Lol
  4. Feeling pretty F'n stupid right now but this has been a longggg rebuild. Putting wires back together. Does the starter wire go to the silonoid which goes to positive? Where the heck does the negative from battery go? I'm drawing a total blank. She's close.
  5. No, I got it from a parts guy. I'll try to go back through my email and see but was 2 years ago. If I don't need to worry about ground from the diff no worries then. I'll do a little digging. Thanks! 04-07 model is what it is from.
  6. Thanks. There are 3 harnesses off the diff and I either can't remember what wires I'm supposed to use....or I just never knew. Lol
  7. So, I am not at the point of trying to wire up the 400at diff. @retro built his own voltage regulator. I kind of forgot I needed something 😅 Is there any type of regulator I can buy on Amazon or somewhere else? Any input be valuable. I did do the 420 front knuckle and disc brake swap. Fit very well.
  8. Well, covid brought a long delay in plans woth the quad but finally getting back to it. Reassembly is in progress!
  9. Please dont judge the welding!! Haha I only ever took a short night course and the instructor said "you guys will never weld, just stick s&$t together" It is solid though. Taking it to clean now, dry fit the front diff and that cut, ugly as it is seems to be perfect. Painting going well, clearcoat stage. Frame painting next!
  10. Thanks!! Hoping she looks sharp. I have done this with my 250 years ago, painted the underside of the plastics with black rocker guard. Turned out really well. Going to really help the orange underneath pop! I like the underside dark.
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