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  1. AKATV, Me too! My 2006 TRX350FE meter has just started to lose some of the segments of the numbers. I haven't taken it apart yet. Please send contact info. Thanks, Shaun
  2. It’s too bad you can’t replace the seat itself.
  3. i used the one that came in the Shindy kit.
  4. Went about 8 yrs ago it was in August, 72 degrees and sunny at the base, 40 degrees near zero vis and 40-50mph winds at the six mile mark.
  5. So I used a Q-tip and some compound that I use to strop my carving knives to a mirror finish in a drill and polished the seat to a bright brass finish, it was quite well coated with residue from the gas ( I use ethanol free gas). Still leaks bad. Decided to replace carb. Found a decent price for an OEM Honda carb at PowersportsAuthority.com with free same day shipping.The machine is 16 and other than oil and filter changes has had no work needed, it owes me nothing. Thanks for the advice.
  6. Great state for atv riding. Have you done the Mt Washington ride?
  7. That photo was taken in 1981 in Wilmington Ca (Los Angeles harbor). That hat was a “Rat Hat” which was the house helmet of the Oceaneering Co. I worked in LA, Catalina Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Saudi Arabia. Rat Hat had a very tight neck hole and I had to compress my nose while the tender twisted it on. Was actually comfortable once you were in Does look like the K-M Superlite series. It was a great way to make a living.
  8. How do I measure float height on Rancher 350. I know the height needs to be 18.5 mm but not sure of exact way to measure it. I know you measure from bowl rim to float top but having trouble deciding on the correct way to hold carb so float is in the correct orientation. My carb started leaking out of the overflow so I got a Shindy kit and rebuilt it but still leaks. I checked the bowl for leaking from the overflow tube where it is inserted in the bowl as well as the drain screw. Float "floats" and has no leaks. Just gat a new float? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  9. My name is Shaun Caisse and I live in NH. I have a 2006 Rancher 350 that is used more as my my yard tractor but I do get out on the trails as much as I can. This looks like a great site and I'm looking forward to checking it out.
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