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  1. Fish yea guess u could say that. Hahahaaaaa and one that enjoys gettin to do that, like i said crazy guy. Rather b living in the old west with my Schofield pistol at my side, out in the woods away from people. Hahahaaaaa JEEP ok sounds good thanks a bunch.
  2. I do agree with u Fish, but im not in the states. The dealers i deal with here all know me30+ yrs. from school, growing up in a smaller town u know. Things different in Alaska than down ur way. And i dont mind sending $ b4 the parts get sent. I always say im the last guy u want coming to visit when u owe me. Im known as the crazy gold minner in the valley around here. Hahhaaaaaa Jeep that sounds great keep me informed on what u find. THANKS.
  3. Jeep, long as it fits the splines it b ok. Im also going to redo the linkage once get a new shifter lever. Think im going to use an equipment style push/pull cable instead of linkage and belcranks. Fish, like i mentioned b4, id like to pass my $$ onto someone here on the form. As i DO NOT HAVE A CREIDIT CARD, by Choice. But thanks.
  4. And difficult for me to order parts off ebay as i dont have pay pal or a CC. That y thought id look here for one. Thanks Bucky
  5. No i havent cut and welded the shift lever. It was just unbolted and rotated to 12:00 position and the toe tab cut off and a hole drilled in its place to mount the linkage to. So its basicly all stock and easy to replace parts without having to build or buy something exotic.
  6. Does anyone have a shifter lever they want to sell? Thought id have more luck but mayb thats an item that everyone keeps cause this happens often????
  7. Thought u guys would like a pic of my daily driver. Unless i really need my 04 dodge cummins. I built this to drive, start everytime, drive in winter and -30 or summer at 80, 302/automatic, 4x4, 31x10.5x15 tires. Dual heaters, Gets about 16mpg.
  8. Its has one. Between the backwindow and the gastank. Just right size for an large igloo cooler. And easy to get to thro back window/net
  9. Well was hopin someone here had one i could buy. I really hate ebay and i have to have the wife do it for me. I hate CC, Checkbooks, ebay, and paypal. Hahhaaaaa Well didnt get to do to much of that. But u can gas it in 1,2 and it will spin tires and u can do a broady in the dirt. Climbs anything the bottom dont high center on. But when does its a big skid and u just get out and push it off. Rides good and steering is nice and tight turns.
  10. Wanted a foot shift lever for a 97 honda 400trx 4x4. My testdrive in the buggy went well till it stopped shifting, it stripped all the gears out of inside, but shaft looks ok. Thanks Bucky.
  11. I HATE THEIVES!!!! I think they should cut off thier hands, and give them no help from state or goverment, like a big brand tattooed to thier forehead that says Im A Theif
  12. Well did some figureing, and wife said i not had a dirtbike while we been together. So its been over 27yrs since i had one. But do remember i had a Suzuki RM 250. ! never rode it much as i have the inseam/leg lenth delema. Hahahaaaaa
  13. Hey was wondering if anyone knows where a guy can get a kickstand for the ‘98 KTM 300exc i have. Rode it about 3hrs so far and i must b gettin old cause not having a kickstand is retarded. Hahahaaaaa dealer wants $149 and to order it, and most others also spendy, Tho i have cn some cheaper ones on ebay but not sure if they good or junk, Thought id ask if anyone knows a better place or had experience with cheaper ones. I havent had a dirtbike for close to 30yrs. Been riding one of the harleys,or one of the triumph bonevilles
  14. Yea got a new toy last night so me and my son rode from 8pm-11pm first time ive been on a dirtbike in almost 20yrs. KTM 300, and came with ice tires.
  15. Well test ride went, ran good enough that i know carb needs little work, its been sittin longtime and some water/crude in it when first got it running and there was a cracked diaphram or something ill have to tear it apart and look again. Master cyl i used was used and its no good so had no brakes, and it upshifts but dont down ! the linkage is not going to work so total redesign of that. Think ill do a equipment style push/pull cable. Turn sharp, climbs awesome, but low ground clearance and u have to watch driving over dirt mounds but when u get hung up on one u just get out push it over the mound and drive off. The full belly pan/skid pan works good and nice that buggy still light that one guy can man handle it.
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