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  1. Thank you all for your support, we are up and running again.
  2. UPDATE well I guess I am pretty proud of myself right now , with a lot of b--chen an swearing I got it in and it even works, put the air box in and everything is back together I think except the back rail and all the bolts that hold that down, I want to finish painting it before i reinstall it. I ran out of paint. The battery seems to be down , don't know why its been disconnected so I put it on the trickle charge for the night. We shall see what happens tomorrow . When I am ready I need to tackle that reverse issue. Thank you for your moral support.
  3. Oh I am sure , but at least this way if I have a problem its not far for me to go, than you for the suggestion anyway, I do appreciate it.
  4. starter is frozen, I ordered from a dealer after market they wanted 500 an change for the regular one , I asked if it had gold accents for that price LOL any way waiting on the replacement . I just hope I can remember how to get it back together. I figured if I ordered locally I can take it back an stuff it up their butt if it doesn't work. I will test before I reassemble of course.
  5. Talked to a repair place to check prices on a new one and they want over 500 that is just stupid, Amazon has them for under 50 but the trouble with that is if it is the wrong one i have to play games getting it replaced. Now what??
  6. Besides taking the whole assembly for the rear covers is there any other option? I don't think so but I am open for suggestions, I tried to get a wrench on the bolt holding the starter and there is just not enough room.
  7. you can see the photos that show what I am talking about , the red ear is attached to the whole back fender assembly. The black ears over the frame is part of the air box. So with out taking the whole fenders off I can not get the air box out and there is no give with out breaking something
  8. That is the problem I can not get the air box out because of how it sits in the frame, Hard to explain , I will have to go down to the garage an take photos. If I could get the air box out it would have been done by now
  9. I'm sorry , I should have said the "starter" I think is bad. The way they have this thing it is almost impossible to get at without taking the whole dang thing apart! At least that is what I think the problem is anyway. It all started with the battery dying , replaced the battery, then it decided not to switch to reverse and that was fine for the time being. Then it just will not start period,, Has power to solenoid it clicks and has power going to it . that is as far as I got because I can't get to it to even test it. I understand Deer season and I am not in a real hurry , I know all about it , I am a hunter/ trapper myself LOL
  10. I give up ! I have tried to get into the area where my starter is and I just can't get anything to cooperate with me.I did watch a video and it was a different machine so I couldn't make it work for me. Everywhere I turned to make this work I was blocked by something. So I am looking for a reliable , honest, and as close to me as I can get,, Honda repair person.I don't want to go to a dealership you know how pricey they can be. I am on Bon Air Mt/ Sparta. I can trailer it or you can come to me , I have a garage to work in . I don't have a lot of money so kindness is appreciated, I have sheep so a deal there could be made there. Machine is a 2014 Honda Foreman es - 500 I believe Thanks
  11. Wow I hope the wiring isn't that bad, Those plugs are a real pain , I have a hard time getting them to come apart. Is there a way to test the starter before I think about buying a new one?
  12. When I purchased this machine it appeared to have been run thru the mud pretty good . Every thing was caked with mud, I cleaned it as best I could and there is still a lot of this dang clay soil on it .. But I picked up some wire cleaner and pulled some of the connections apart and cleaned them with the cleaner. That is when every thing started to work great, its been almost a year. I have not been riding it as much as I did at first because I had much to do . Just they other day I started to ride it again and that is when the problems started . But all lights are coming on and New Battery just before all this started.
  13. MaggieBlu


    It looks like I will be doing the work myself, my friend that was helping is leaving today. His dad is in the hospital and he has to get back north to help him. Oh this is going to be fun LOL
  14. Thank you for that information Fishfiles
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