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  1. Nope brand new battery zip tie isn't touching the kill switch the button is held down when it's not the neutral light comes on and the bike looses spark
  2. I got it to run I've just been kickstarting it with the button ziptied down
  3. No I bought the cdi brand new for that year it seemed weird so I put it on another bike and it started first kick
  4. I just replaced the cdi and it does the same thing even when it is on a 40 amp charger it didn't have any spark before I got the new cdi
  5. Hey y'all I have a 1996 Honda trx300a fourtrax and my electric start is broken at the moment so until I fix that I have been just kicking it while I've been working on it so now for the actual problem the neutral light doesn't come on when I turn the key but it does after each kick when the light isn't on I have spark but the second it comes on my spark is gone HELP
  6. My puller isn't even close to being long enough to do that
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