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  1. Change the plug cap. They get more resistance the more they heat up causing it to run and sound funny.
  2. Can somebody please explain to me what the differences are between these models?
  3. Thought they were only able to do that here. 😂
  4. Going slow here as well. Tx for your offer.
  5. True, but with shipping, before lockdown, it was still cheaper. If I pay you a handling fee or commission of some sort will you please help me. I need a couple of parts.
  6. Hi guys, can you guys in USA order from Ebay and have it delivered? If I checkout Ebay says it doesn't ship to my address in South Africa. I tried different sellers. I need a few bits of spares for my 420 but it is unaffordable here. The rectifier is 4 times more expensive here.
  7. TX, I'll see if it's available here.
  8. Does anybody use 515 Loctite sealant on the rocker and other covers?
  9. I need help please. I can only buy from PSN through Ebay. I know how to get PSN on Ebay, how do I filter the 10000 + plus things they have for sale to only the spares for a 2013 420 FA?
  10. Thank you very much. The prices of new spares are less than a third what we're paying here. ☺
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