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  1. I picked up a set of those SunF All Terrain ATV UTV Tires 25x8-12 & 25x10-12 6 PR A033 (Complete Full Set of 4) at Walmart for $249 OTD.
  2. I have a 2001 Foreman and I've been looking at getting new tires. All 4 are dry rotted but hold air after I put about 2 cups of sta-flo in each tire. I'm worried that this stuff might freeze and leave me stranded. I'm thinking just bite the bullet and get 4 new tires. But there are so many different tread designs. The 4wheeler has the original tires and I kinda like that design they work well but I figured after 19 years there might be a better tire out there. I live in Michigan and plan to ride year round not through sand dunes maybe drive through some big mud puddles but mostly be on grass and dirt terrain in the summer and snow in the winter. I'm also planning on pushing snow with the plow. What's a good all around tire?
  3. So you use the same tires year round? What kind of studs do you use?
  4. Just rear with 4 wheel drive? I read that not having all tires chained can damage the differential.
  5. The standard Foreman tires. I think they are original. Size is front 25x8-12 and rear is 25x10x12
  6. I was looking online and they range from about $80-$200 per tire. I don't want to get cheap crap and have them breaking on me.
  7. That's kinda what I was thinking. The chains are kind of expensive.
  8. I picked up a Foreman earlier this summer and it came with a plow. I'm planning on plowing lots of snow I've got a cement drive and a dirt drive. I also plan to plow on ice for an ice skating area. Do I need chains for any of that? Also, I live in southern Michigan and the snow we get usually isn't that high.
  9. Does temperature matter? I was going to do this yesterday but we had a frost advisory.
  10. I'm going to with the Wanda brand tires. I've been looking in all the wrong places for tires. Thank you guys
  11. I have a 2001 Honda forman 450. So this thing sat for almost 10 years. I just got it going and its running like a champ everything functions properly. But these tires I think they may be original and they have a ton of tread left on them but I get unusual leaks. Sometimes they will keep air for a few weeks other times I will go to the barn and one tire will be really low. Other times I'll go out and all the tires are inflated properly and I'll go for a quick ride and one tire will be almost flat within a few minutes. The tire leaks seem to be completely random. Also, the sidewalls have very small cracks. I was wondering If I could use green slime or fix a flat to fix the random flat tires. I hate to buy new ones because of all the thread on them. But I am not sure about using green slime or fix a flat or if that would even work. I heard mechanics hate changing tires with that spare tire crap inside the tire so I'm wondering which would be the best route. Just get new tires or try the quick way?
  12. Wow, thanks for the quick replies. I will try to pinch the line later this week and see whats up. I have never had a problem with hydraulic brakes and figured since it was a closed system it was something that I didn't have to worry much about.
  13. The hydraulic brake lever just kinda sunk on me. One day it was working fine and literally the next day it stopped working. There is no fluid on the floor and the reservoir is full. What went wrong?
  14. It is a 2000 Honda foreman S 450. Sorry about that.
  15. I just had a front light go out and I'd like to beef the small front lights hopefully with a drop in LED replacement. But I haven't had much finding anything online.
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