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  1. I learned a lot during the tear down. Now replacing the plastic begins.
  2. Wanted to follow up on the no spark situation. Honda dealership found a bad connection going to cdi unit. I had them also replace the choke cable and choke piston which was stuck in the carb body. Also installed a switch to turn on the fan. Control relay for it is NLA. Total charge $269.00 . I do want to thank everyone for your help..Jack
  3. I finally decided to just take it to the dealer. After three weeks poking around and buying a few components I called it quits. Learned a lot underneath. Dealership has been in operation since 1969 so they have plenty of experience with these Forman’s. This is cattle and ranch country. The solid axel allows Elk hunters to bring in much heavier loads then other atv’s. For being 32 years old I am amazed it still runs as well as it does.
  4. I finally decided to take it to my local Honda dealership for repair. Loose connection in the cdi harness front right side directly behind the module. $46.00 and a beautiful drive up to enterprise Oregon and back. I appreciate everyone’s input and am disappointed we all could not figure it ourselves. But I did learn a lot just by disassembling everything and I did learn where everything is located..Jack
  5. Thanks ! Can you explain how to test kill switch ? With key on, in neutral, I have power at cdi plug but when I push kill switch in either direction it doesn’t kill the power at the cdi plug ? Bad kill switch ?
  6. I bought a new oem Honda coil. After installing it still no spark. Bought a aftermarket cdi from my local Honda dealership. Not a Chinese part but one from a USA firm that is known to make reliable components. After installing, no spark. I have checked all fuses and cleaned the grounds that I can locate. I appreciate everyone’s input but I just don’t have the experience to perform the test explained by Retro. Can you tell me exactly where is the pulse generator ?
  7. I appreciate your suggestions, checked for power at the white/black cdi connector and have power there. But still no spark.
  8. Following up on the no spark issue. I reinstalled the original cdi this morning and checked for power at the white/black wire, yes I have power there. This is a 89 Forman that has 6 wires going to the cdi. I also now hear the fuel pump pump for a moment when I turn on the key. But still have no spark at plug. I read that there is a fuse between the kill switch and key switch. Can anyone tell me exactly where this fuse is located ?
  9. Thanks for the instruction, I will try it this afternoon..Jack
  10. Hi guys I have a 89 Forman. My fan never comes on, but truthfully I never really ride the machine very hard. Mostly use it to pull a trailer around my property to clean up and bring in fire wood. Would it be possible to purchase one of your gizmos when you start production ?...thanks Jack
  11. Yes I checked the plug ! I removed the coil yesterday and determined it was dead. Located an original Honda coil from Partsilla.com . Hopefully that will correct the no spark. While waiting for the new coil I will replace the fuel filter, adjust rear brake and fix the stuck choke cable.
  12. Thanks for your suggestions. This ATV has never been screwed with. This same situation appeared a year ago. I replaced the cdi with another one and it fixed the problem. During the last few days I removed all the plastic, what a job , I think I removed like 100 screws ? With ignition switch on I have neutral & Oil light and head & tail lights. Bought a replacement cdi from a Honda dealership in WA state. Part came from respected aftermarket company that reengineered the original Shinden part. Installed it with no success. I have the manual for reference...appreciate your input fellas.
  13. I started it up last week and moved it over to my shop. As it was idling I went inside to get something and it just stopped. I tried to restart it with no luck. Pulled plug and found no spark at all. Tried another cdi with no luck. Was hoping someone could point me the right direction..thanks..Jack
  14. Hi all and happy Easter Sunday. I have a 89 TRX350D Forman with no spark. Hopefully I can learn from you all how to diagnose the problem..Jack
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