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  1. Can you find original oem grips for this model. There is a bolt holding them in place. I know you can locate aftermarket ones. Thanks
  2. Why ? Lots of ways to repair a tank ?
  3. Thanks for the follow up information ! I just located another TRX 350D if anyone is looking.
  4. When you said get a cooler I thought you where referring to a oil cooler for a moment ? Ever drink a beer in below zero temperatures ?
  5. I have noticed that the oil in my TRX 350D turns milky looking during the winter use period. The temperatures range from below zero to the mid thirties in eastern Oregon from October to March-April. During that time when checked the oil level it’s never low but very milky looking. I know it’s the condensation causing this. What is the consensus ? I use the bike often, almost every day but not for very long time periods. Is the milkiness causing damage ?
  6. Thanks for posting that information. I see no reason why Honda would make all those different boxes for the same basic bike.
  7. Since I have had this atv it has stopped running three times, all related to the cdi not working. On the 89 TRX 350D the cdi is unique to the 88/89 models. It’s marked C1545. No other versions will work. You can find a aftermarket version from Regulator Rectifiers website.
  8. Thanks everyone for the kind words ! I finally got her running. One of the CDi connections was loose. If I can help in any way please let me know..Jack
  9. I located those hoses by asking a Honda atv dealer to search the country. Found the last two available.
  10. I bought an aftermarket regulator for it but never installed it, think it’s worth installing ?
  11. The 88/89 version is different then 86/87 I believe ? The Foreman is such a workhorse I can’t believe no one sees the opportunity ?
  12. Thanks for your suggestion ! I will check the voltage today. Any thoughts on a replacement cdi unit ?
  13. Swapped out the CDi for another original style one and she started right up. The aftermarket version I bought does nothing.
  14. Well it’s been a while but I have the dreaded no spark condition again. Was outside picking up yard debris from a bad windstorm when the foreman just died. I switched over to reserve thinking it ran out of fuel. Still no start. I will update my findings.
  15. I learned a lot during the tear down. Now replacing the plastic begins.
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