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Need help! TRX500FA5 4x4 ATV (Year2018)*WontMove*

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I have a Rubicon trx500fa5 4x4 Honda atv (Year 2018) it is just 3 years old and it was running fine all summer and winter last year and we had to parked it for couples months this year because we had oil leaking problem underneath where you drain the oil, but we found a solution to fix the leaking. At first we didn't fully tipped it, but then "jack" came over and had to fully tipped the Honda right to its side to fix the leaking where you drain the oil out, and cleaned the ice at the bottom of it. We had it tipped on its side maybe like 10mins or so. Once were done we tipped back up and see if it was leaking still and it wasn't so we started, warmed it up until 2 heating bars and shifted to D(drive) tried to drive but now it can’t move forward, we tired R(reverse) backwards nothing it didn't move, since we tipped it right to it’s side to fix the oil leaking at the bottom it can't drive. Engine runs fine shifting seems to work. When we shift it to drive it jumps a little, and try the throttle to drive but it just won’t move at all including the reversed . What can I do to fix this problem?? Is it a part problem, or is there no way to fix it?

We bought 2 parts so far, but the first one the guys trying to help us said we didn't need it after we received it, and the second one was for the shifting its a small part but it doesn't work. We drained the oil what was in there maybe like couples weeks ago after it happen, and add new one. nothing worked.

* Please help me thank you. (I tried to explain myself well and that's all what happened nothing more.)

(Im new user don't know where to post this situation) 

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Explaining myself more.

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Hi Kelsey, welcome to ATVHonda! Attached are the oil checking and oil/filter changing procedures. Read them carefully and follow those directions to change the oil and oil filter. Its imperative that ya keep up with maintenance since your transmission is dependent on the proper MA/MA2 (and clean) engine oil. Let us know how your service goes.




engine oil.png


If you have broken the motor case by overtightening the oil drain plug you'll need to fix that first.

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