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Riding Moab

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I plan on riding Moab Utah this October 2022. Dirt bikes and wheelers. I've never been there so I'm looking for Maps and advise. We will be taking a toy hauler so suggestions for camping spots with central locations for riding areas. Thanks

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Looks like there are quite a few trails to pick from in Moab , Utah 

It’s no accident that Moab has become an increasingly popular tourist destination in the last several years. Home to the Canyonlands and Arches national parks, and with endless opportunities for off-roading and mountain biking, Moab is a bit of heaven on earth. Are you heading to Moab to explore the incredible and vast western US on your UTV? There are so many incredible Moab UTV trails that you’ll want to give yourself plenty of time in the area.

Let’s take a look at our Moab UTV trail guide, showing you the best trails in town.


1. Fins & Things

Incredibly steep, you will find that the slickrock on these trails offer great traction. With amazing scenery and the opportunity to have an unbelievable amount of fun, this is one of the best UTV trails in Moab. These trails are considered moderately difficult.

2. !’s Revenge

With 9 miles making up this loop trail, you’ll find long steep climbs that can be quite intimidating if you’ve never been here before. Considered it to be a difficult trail, there are a bunch of optional obstacles for advanced riders to test their skills. Some of these obstacles include Tip-over Challenge, !’s Gate, Rubble Trouble, the Hot Tubs, and the Escalator.

3. Chicken Corners

This trail is over 41 miles long and is an out and back trail. Considered to be of moderate difficulty, you’ll find beautiful wildflowers and amazing scenery overlooking the Colorado River.

4. Gemini Bridges

If you are looking for easy Moab UTV trails, check out Gemini Bridges. Rock-grinding equipment has tamed this once super-rocky road.

5. Moab Rim

If you are looking for a hard-core experience, check out the Moab Rim Trail. Best nearly 8 mile out and back trail is considered difficult and shouldn’t be used by inexperienced drivers or stock vehicles.


6. White Rim

This loop trail is nearly 100 miles long and is considered to be quite difficult. With incredible views along the entire route, White Rim is a must-do for experienced and adventurous riders.

7. Top of the World

Another difficult Moab, Utah UTV trail, the Top of the World Trail is an out and back trail that almost 19 miles long. As the trail goes on, it becomes much more technical. Unless you have a winch and are an expert off-roader, you’ll want to avoid this trail on rainy days.

8. Shafer

On this trail, you’ll be able to have use of the Canyonlands and Dead Horse Point. A little over 18 miles long, you can see gorgeous wildflowers on this moderately difficult point to point trail.

9. Poison Spider Mesa

One of the most popular and best UTV trails in Moab is Poison Spider Mesa. Considered to be of moderate difficulty, the child often combined with Gold Bar Rim and Golden Spike.


With incredible scenery and challenging obstacles, this is a really fun ride. You want that there are certain spots that are quite difficult and challenging.

10. Long Canyon

This is a wonderful drive through an incredible canyon. Considered easy-to-moderate in difficult, there is one narrow and steep pass through Pucker Pass.

Moab UTV Trail Guide: Some More Awesome Trails to Check Out in the Area

These top ten best UTV trails in Moab barely scratch the surface. Some additional trails that you might want to check out while in town include:

  • Hurrah Pass
  • Onion Creek Trail
  • Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail
  • La Sal Mountain Scenic Drive
  • Eye of the Whale Trail
  • Steel Bender OHV Trail
  • Kane Creek Canyon OHV Trail
  • Picture Frame Arch OHV Trail
  • Sevenmile Rim OHV Route
  • Potash Road OHV Trail
  • Bull Canyon OHV Road
  • Behind the Rocks OHV Trail
  • Pritchett Canyon OHV Trail
  • Eye of the Whale and Tower Arch OHV Route
  • Cliff Hanger Trail
  • Gold Bar Rime OHV Trail
  • Willow Springs OHV Toad
  • Monitor and Merrimac Trail
  • Metal Masher OHV Trail
  • Sovereign Singletrack
  • Salt Valley OHV Road
  • Determination Towers OHV Trail

As you can see, you certainly will not run out of off-road trails to choose from when you visit Moab. No matter whether you are looking for easy Moab UTV trails or more advanced and challenging routes, there are definitely trails that will suit your needs.


The Best Time of Year to Ride Moab UTV Trails

April through May and September through October are considered some of the best times of year to visit Moab in general. During these times, the average daytime temperature is somewhere between 60 and 80 degrees. Temperatures during the summer can exceed 100 degrees, which can make it uncomfortable and even dangerous to explore the expansive land of the area.

If you are interested in avoiding the crowds, you could also head to Moab between mid-February and mid-March or between late October and December. Since you would be going when it is not considered the tourist season, you can get a better sense of the local vibe in town and even might find lower prices for amenities.


Are you wondering what you should wear when you are riding your UTV? Check out our useful guide here.

Looking For the Perfect Sport UTV For Your Moab Trip?

Buying a sports UTV in order to explore the Moab UTV trails and UTV trails across the country is an incredibly exciting purchase to make. Determining which make and model is right for you can take quite a bit of research, but luckily we put together a handy guide to help you determine which type of sport UTV is right for you.

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Thanks Fish.....looks like very good information. I did some searching yesterday before asking for help and discovered some of these areas but your suggested site is better.....thanks. I'm looking for someone that's been there a time or two and can advise me based on their experience.

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I've been to Utah and it is very scenic.  If you can take some time to sightsee.  


I'd like to go back if I ever get a chance.

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1 hour ago, RubiDan said:

I've been to Utah and it is very scenic.  If you can take some time to sightsee.  


I'd like to go back if I ever get a chance.

Do you have any suggested camping areas that are central to the trails?

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2 hours ago, Misterclean said:

Do you have any suggested camping areas that are central to the trails?


Sorry but I don't.  I went to Utah a very long time ago and it was a vacation sightseeing trip.  We did camp out near Bryce Canyon in the summertime and if I remember correctly it got pretty chilly there during the night but that may not be the norm.


You might try some satellite images and see how the campgrounds are laid out. 


Sounds like a good time. 

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Moab in May has great weather, downside is the ice melt and the water levels make the white rim trail flooded on one end. We did it but turned around and did the other end the next day

Cannon shot has some great info, https://www.advrider.com/f/threads/cannontracks-moab-sampler.338513/

On the north end of town is a campground, avoid it as the highway is right there. There should be alot more camping south, like the KOA.

You need a day pass to ride or enter the WRT, to get it you have to enter one of the national parks. They were charging good money to get into the park. There is a back way up Shaffer Pass/ Potash Rd, where you don't have to pay. Its good riding too.

I remember the Moab diner and a real good Mexican spot across the street. Hard to find people that want to live and work in Moab. I bet with the Covid it really sucks. Stayed at the Inca Inn, mom and pop old 50's style. All I needed. Need more just ask.


Edit, stay off the Arches........there was no sign on my end, lol

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I live in the town next to Moab, Utah... Grand Junction Co. I met you and your lovely wife in Silverton, Co a couple years ago.(remember) all the info above is great I'm not familiar with campgrounds, we just ruff it.... lol. Its nuttin but sand and rocks there lol...it's breathtaking. All the campgrounds are booked a long time in advance,,,most of the time we just go for a 1 day ride. you might ck. the utube channel for some action. good luck

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