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  1. Guess I’ll play. Bike in truck, he shed in tow. Ride, drink , crash
  2. Really like the rear entry and interior set-up. Nice choice
  3. Shotgun season starts tomorrow, I'll be out even with rain in the forecast. Got a late start on archery season due to the farmer not cutting crops, saw a nice 10 pt. Feeding them is cheating up here, but sure would make it easier to find them.
  4. Easy option. He is out. Messing with other people property’s. Your hands clean no hard feelings. wish I had the land and money to invite all my pals and you guys. Would be some party
  5. Don't waste $20, buy some beer or jerky or something.
  6. Its not cheap fuel. I'm running ethanol free $$ gas and am on my 2nd o2 sensor. Hopefully put an original one in it the 1st time and not a updated one
  7. Ist time out this year, nothing moving. I blame the farmer, crops still in field. No reason for them to get up and move yet.
  8. Guns go on my back, but I have a short ride in. I wouldn't want a scoped gun getting bounced around in a case. Here in Illinois its shotgun only, mine has a scope and no case. I miss my 45-70, well except for the kick.
  9. Code cleared, new o2 sensor in. Deer beware.
  10. Just in case anyone else has this problem, its my 2nd time around. Oxygen sensor is gone again. I replaced it about 2 years ago, but I don't know if it got replaced with the updated part or a new old part. Old o2 part 36531-hr3-a21 New o2 part 36531-hr3-a22 Only lasted maybe 20 miles/2 years. I only use the atv for deer season. Will let ya know how it goes.
  11. Congrats to the boy and family, meat in the fridge and a story to tell for years.
  12. I grab a piece of braided wire, strip it back and grab how ever many strands I need. Speaker wire, works well.
  13. This might help some one https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/rm-rider-exchange/handlebar-information/
  14. Have you seen this site http://adventr.co/colorado-gps-tracks/ Sorry Im late to the party. Stayed at Gunnison couple weeks ago and ran the usual loops on 2 wheels.. I haven't stayed at anything south of Silverton but if you're in town get the biscuits and gravy at Brown Bear
  15. The riding is always great out there. But I’m on 2 wheels not 4.
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