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  1. You mind sharing the fixed wireless provider. I'm sure its not for me but the local providers have a monopoly going here and I'm tired of both there sheet
  2. Goober, that looks like a really nice buck congrats. Where is the atv, those hills would kill us old guys.
  3. Today was nice, first cold front with wind and start of the rut. Got lucky. 10ptr and heavy
  4. Now now, lets take a step back and count to 10. We all have a rotten apple in the barrel. She's probably having a bad day and in her own way thought she was doing good. Let it go, it won't do you any good to stoop to that level Go for a ride....
  5. Most likely broke while making a turn, cab pivoted but the logs prevented the trailer hitch from rotating. Thats my story
  6. Prayers to you and family. Sorry for your loss.
  7. I have some tracks, but don't see how to upload them. Try here or pm me an email https://www.trailsoffroad.com/
  8. https://goo.gl/photos/LYYiQC8BdxbcEgEX6 Moab in May has great weather, downside is the ice melt and the water levels make the white rim trail flooded on one end. We did it but turned around and did the other end the next day Cannon shot has some great info, https://www.advrider.com/f/threads/cannontracks-moab-sampler.338513/ On the north end of town is a campground, avoid it as the highway is right there. There should be alot more camping south, like the KOA. You need a day pass to ride or enter the WRT, to get it you have to enter one of the national parks. They were charging good money to get into the park. There is a back way up Shaffer Pass/ Potash Rd, where you don't have to pay. Its good riding too. I remember the Moab diner and a real good Mexican spot across the street. Hard to find people that want to live and work in Moab. I bet with the Covid it really sucks. Stayed at the Inca Inn, mom and pop old 50's style. All I needed. Need more just ask. Edit, stay off the Arches........there was no sign on my end, lol
  9. Should keep that to yourself. Tell em it was a perfect heart shot, that's what I saw, lol....Either way, nice job.
  10. Looked like a perfect shot on a monster, congrats. It always amazes me how they just show up out of nowhere. I’m sure you’ll be sharing this story and memories for years to come. Thanks
  11. I leave my jet sled in the truck packed with hunting gear, de-cock bag and a gallon of soapy water. Kill a deer, grab the sled after dropping the bow in the truck. Time to hall the deer and rinse off
  12. That sounds terrible, lol. That hard plastic does glide over just about anything but not down a gravel fire road. My drag is less than a mile but I have crossed pavement without any harm. Nice shot, nice deer.
  13. You need to get a deer sled. Deer goes in, ice it down, dump it out when needed. No mess and easy for us old guys. Toe it behind the atv
  14. WonderMonkey, I saw your pic, I would be down across from the shade if that is an evening hunt. A tree stand in the middle of that setup might cover both ends though. Feeders aren't allowed here so what do I know, they might come from anywhere. Having a second tree to sit in wouldn't be a bad thing depending on wind.... Most x-bows can shoot past 40 yards, but its not recommended as a deer might take a step turning a good hunt to bad.
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