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  1. This has been one heck of in introduction thread, lol. I wasn't trying to stir the pot but at least i'm getting my post count up.;)
  2. I was signed up on the building phase of this site but lost track of the the link at work. For a while there I thought you all would come back after teaching them a lesson
  3. Still have the tiger 800xc, retired the klr650 and replaced it with the drz400. Arkansas-Colorado -Colorado- Utah-Moab
  4. Are you a member of adventure rider. One of the guys there is from up north, he has tracks all over the US. here is his page https://cannonshot.net/wp/ Been riding with a group for years now, travel all over the country.
  5. Thanks, Glad you guys got this one up and running. I didn't think it was going to happen after watching the build phase.
  6. New forum looking good guys. Thanks for having me.
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