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  1. Need help shopping I know that they are destructive pests but wish I had a place somewhat local to pop a couple of em. Happy hunting.
  2. Would love to do some hog hunting. Can't wait for the footage.
  3. I call bs, come down here and show me. You can practice on my truck, bike and atv. Even let you wash the new mule
  4. I agree. But the Mrs. probably has some you can borrow
  5. I’m an anal ! and like a clean bike. Try the pledge, then maybe the sc1
  6. Oh and with the new bike I hit the frame and engine with acf50, oh my..... don’t get it on the wheels
  7. Pledge or even the dollar store brand works great. Plastics fade and the black parts turn grey. But a bit of pledge or even better sc1 and bobs your uncle, did I get that right lol
  8. For the bike not car I’ve used pledge after a wash but if you haven’t tried maxima sc1 give it a try. Good stuff.
  9. rustynut2

    New mule

    Snapped key???? on the tank just un screw the cap base screws
  10. rustynut2

    New mule

    Bike was bought new old stock in December and parked waiting for better weather. The dct is surprisingly fun but does take a bit to get used to. So many different settings possible it will take some miles to find which one to stick with. Also has full manual mode if you want, but pulling up to a stop sign or stuck in traffic its hard to beat. Now I haven't fully tried this but, crack the throttle wide open and hang on. It wont wheelie or spin the tire and shifts faster and smoother than any one can, fast.....
  11. rustynut2

    New mule

    Out with the old, 40,000 miles and not 1 break down. In with the new, at dealer now for recall, lol
  12. Around here if you pay cash they mark it up, they want the finance charges. Check Big Saint Charles site, ( add 400 for cash purchase )
  13. Is there a buffet near by, couple of heifers in the bed should do it
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