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  1. I grab a piece of braided wire, strip it back and grab how ever many strands I need. Speaker wire, works well.
  2. This might help some one https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/rm-rider-exchange/handlebar-information/
  3. Have you seen this site http://adventr.co/colorado-gps-tracks/ Sorry Im late to the party. Stayed at Gunnison couple weeks ago and ran the usual loops on 2 wheels.. I haven't stayed at anything south of Silverton but if you're in town get the biscuits and gravy at Brown Bear
  4. The riding is always great out there. But I’m on 2 wheels not 4.
  5. Just got back from Gunnison Friday. Was hard to find anywhere to eat. Lots of places still closed. The restaurant in Tincup was boarded up, some lady opened a trailer across the street. Same for Pitkin, 2 kids in a trailer serving hot dogs and burgers. The Dive was open, Alpine Brew and the Mexican place, McDonald's was take out only. The worst was Lake City for breakfast, stay away from the asshxxx at the pink house/bikes
  6. Rotate the wheel to the other side, spin it. If its the rim you'll know, if not the problem stays to the rolled over side
  7. Thought it was quiet around here, lol.
  8. They're both nice freezer fillers, congrats on the first and good luck on the second.
  9. I've been using a compound all my life. They legalized crossbows here in 2017 so I jumped in. First time out, first shot, didn't need to move or stand up. Them deer started dropping with every shot. I can stock the fridge at will now.
  10. Bonus points for atv in back round 1st pic.. That atv is worth every penny to a old guy with a 2 wheel drive truck
  11. That's my girl friend from the south, hunts ,fishes and rides. Treat her with respect....
  12. This has been one heck of in introduction thread, lol. I wasn't trying to stir the pot but at least i'm getting my post count up.;)
  13. I was signed up on the building phase of this site but lost track of the the link at work. For a while there I thought you all would come back after teaching them a lesson
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