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  1. Should keep that to yourself. Tell em it was a perfect heart shot, that's what I saw, lol....Either way, nice job.
  2. Looked like a perfect shot on a monster, congrats. It always amazes me how they just show up out of nowhere. I’m sure you’ll be sharing this story and memories for years to come. Thanks
  3. I leave my jet sled in the truck packed with hunting gear, de-cock bag and a gallon of soapy water. Kill a deer, grab the sled after dropping the bow in the truck. Time to hall the deer and rinse off
  4. That sounds terrible, lol. That hard plastic does glide over just about anything but not down a gravel fire road. My drag is less than a mile but I have crossed pavement without any harm. Nice shot, nice deer.
  5. You need to get a deer sled. Deer goes in, ice it down, dump it out when needed. No mess and easy for us old guys. Toe it behind the atv
  6. WonderMonkey, I saw your pic, I would be down across from the shade if that is an evening hunt. A tree stand in the middle of that setup might cover both ends though. Feeders aren't allowed here so what do I know, they might come from anywhere. Having a second tree to sit in wouldn't be a bad thing depending on wind.... Most x-bows can shoot past 40 yards, but its not recommended as a deer might take a step turning a good hunt to bad.
  7. The scorpyd deathstalker has killed everything that I aimed at. There are faster models out now but for hunting its deadly. I have a centerpoint as backu that hasn't been to the woods yet. For the latest reviews head on over to https://www.crossbownation.com/forums/ If you do buy new Dave will set you up, highly recommended and no sales tax, https://www.wyverncreations.com/
  8. Checking in with a fatty doe, shot Halloween evening. 45ish yards with my Scorpyd Deathstalker. Double lung and a short sprint. 2 more tags to fill......
  9. Need help shopping I know that they are destructive pests but wish I had a place somewhat local to pop a couple of em. Happy hunting.
  10. Would love to do some hog hunting. Can't wait for the footage.
  11. I call bs, come down here and show me. You can practice on my truck, bike and atv. Even let you wash the new mule
  12. I agree. But the Mrs. probably has some you can borrow
  13. I’m an anal ! and like a clean bike. Try the pledge, then maybe the sc1
  14. Oh and with the new bike I hit the frame and engine with acf50, oh my..... don’t get it on the wheels
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