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ATV trails are closed, but..........

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Got out on some trails yesterday was beautiful in spite of the weather and temp. Was out for about 8 hrs and rode about 70 miles.  Had we had our own single rider machines we probably could've covered more ground at a much faster pace but there's always that little nagging problem of $$$. It really was great to get out, fresh air great friends and more beautiful Montana landscape. Pulled into West Yellowstone yesterday morning about 8:10. Was a 1hr. 50min. drive from home, got set up with our sleds and riding gear and hit the trail at 8:45. Was about 18 degrees and lightly snowing, our overall destination was Two Top Mountain. A high forested plateau of around 8500ft. with a stunning view and snow encapsulated trees. To get there was thick forested groomed trail, not my kind of riding but with touring machines that's about what they are limited to. We drove 31 miles of our loop into Idaho and had a warming session and a lunch break in a small community called Island Park, an out in the middle of nowhere roadside gas stop along one of the main highways to Yellowstone Park from Idaho. After eating we headed back to the trail and connected back up to our Two Top loop. We were very blessed to have the snow pretty much stop and a small hole of blue sky open up when we got to the top to shine some ray's of sun down onto the snow covered trees and landscape.  Not enough to clear up and see the scenic view back towards Yellowstone Park, but bright enough to give some perspective to the area. The trees were almost surreal,  only the top15ft or so sticking out of the snow. Would love to be up there some day with a clear blue sky, you can Google Two Top Mountain and get to see some pics of the view if you want, really is amazing.  After spending 20 minutes or so there we headed back down and stopped at a large open area and let everyone have a turn riding and messing around for an hour or so before heading back to turn the machines in. Was a great outing and seemed to scratch an itch for wanting to get out. My wife and I have decided that as enjoyable as it was,  we do prefer the ATV rides more. As hard as the snow pack was probably could've ridden the  ATV'S all the way up there. So..... Fish and Shade, come on up and we'll get out and see some sights😁.











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Shade up  there ?! Good luck... Can't wait to see his response.... Forsure a sit back popcorn moment for me......i don't  know about fish.... Long as we've know each other online i still don't have him figured out.... Or are you talking after winter ? 

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