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1998 Yamaha big bear 350

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Picked up this big bear back in November.

Old owner wouldn’t tell me much because he’s sly, his twin brother gave me a Honda 450s awhile ago, but this guy is just suspicious. 

Anyways, I figured I had a good motor. Thought I might part it out. As I became more acquainted with it, I realized this is built similarly to our beloved Hondas, thing is a tank. 

I managed to get it to fire, the key from my Honda 300 worked on this big bear!


oil cooler lines need replacing

fuel system clean (done)

wheel bearings are seized (probably gotta replace)

there is frame rot at lower front arm brackets and a spot near the front motor mount. I think I can repair and brace this up though.

needs a muffler

needs brakes



basically a freebie 

good motor

decent tires

i have six Yamaha wheels from other bikes I’ve got some Yamaha parts laying around

most seals seem to be good

plastics and racks are perfect

no accidents

nothin twisted

rear is tight


what do you guys think?







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if the honda key fit this ?, i sure hope its not stolen !..lol. i'm with fish on this, part it out, not worth saving, not unless you make a buggy of some sort out of it ?. i would not waste my time or money on it.

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My community is on the shore of a salt water bay. While I can’t confirm it, I think it’s safe to say it was always run in salt water and put away wet.

This is the same situation as I was in with my 300 build. I bought a replacement used frame for the 300. 

The rot doesn’t seem as bad, I think I might hang on to everything in case  I stumble upon another big bear.

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