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Super Tenere - ADV Bike

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Posted this on the other forum but thought I'd post her here to, I'll use it as a build thread to I guess 🙂


I just hit 10k miles on it! I put over 4k miles on it in 1 month lol. ADV riding is my new favorite thing, the grizzly sits now haha!


Its a 2017 Yamaha Super Tenere

1200 CC motor.


ACD Skid Plate

Alt Rider upper and Lower crash bars

Yamaha OEM Panniers

PUIG Windscreen

OEM Wind deflectors

Yoshi Exhaust

ALT rider fork protectors

ALT rider headlight protector


Heated Grips

Adjustable Levers

Altrider side protectors

Altrider back rack

Altrider passenger seat piece.






I put some new rubber on it at 9990 miles, wanted to be ready for spring!









New rubber!






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32 minutes ago, SlammedRanger said:

Dang man thats alot of miles. And some cool country side to explore.


Yes sir, i dont screw around when it comes to miles haha! Doing the MABDR this summer with a group, driving from Wisconsin and have to do it in a week haha!



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Got the bike tuned, it sucks cause its winter now and I cant test her out! Sent the ECU to a guy that tunes these bike, bit of a bugger to get out!






Also tightened the spokes, I didnt know them loosening was a thing, good thing I checked 3 of them were loose, I zip tied them all to cover my butt!



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Got the tuned computer back in and holy crap she rips! Lol


Installed a Eastern Beaver PC8 fuse block , some Denali Amber colored lights so people see me and took her for a 200 mile ride Sunday! haha





Safe bet that I will be seen now! My brother said I looked like a yellow blob coming down the street LOL



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