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  1. Im not sure about an 87... some one else will know
  2. anyone have any links or info about a disc conversion for these hondas... rear brakes are gone and would like the hydraulic brakes instead. I am considering a swing arm stretch while the bike is ripped apart anyways. Any details would be appreciated. thanks in advance.
  3. Thank you. I appreciate all the help and knowledge from you and the others. Im sure ill be posting and commenting on what i know or have dealt with.
  4. Yeah i would say so like a fast one. Almost like the gears are stripped and it trys to grab but lets go type of thing. I. Just trying yo narrow everything down so when i split the case i have as much knowledge and info i can get to fix it all. I already did the top end timing chain oil pump chain tensioner the whole front end other than a arm bushings and a new steering column bearing.
  5. The sound is like a drill clutch when it reachs the desired setting to stop torquing. Or a clutch slipping. I know terrible way to describe it accurately. I might be able to get a video of the sounds it makes.
  6. Well. Hello again. 06trx500fga6 hondamatic im assuming throws a sound when it gets warm and it doesnt want to move unless you feather the throttle. When its cold it runs fine no slipping of any kind. When it gets warm it seem like a clutch slips or the transmission gives out. I was discussing this with a guy on the other honda forum any input would be greatly appreciated im hoping it not the hondamatic and im just being paranoid... then again if i have to rebuild it or get a new one i will. Already in to deep to sell it. Wont get my money back or near what i got in to it already. Thanks again everyone.
  7. Thank you for all the help and info greatly appreciate it once its in and ive fixed the issues with the tranny and the silly knock it has ill be updating on the 7% reduction!
  8. I ordered that gear you sent me the link of! Hope it works. Does the front drive shaft connect to that final drive as well?
  9. The rubicon that i have is a fga6 model it has a hondamatic in it and only has a centrifugal clutch that drives the transmission gear. The only way to gear it down is switching out tranny gears or do a differential gear swap. Like you would a truck. I havent found anyone thats done it so im going to get a spare diff take it apart and go to a differential shop in town and see what they can do.
  10. I seen that thank you. Ill be getting it and seeing what i can do. Wouldn't i have to change the other gear it meshs into though?
  11. Well ill cross my fingers and hope for it that would be a sick upgrade! Id even swap the efi into it if they did that update as well.
  12. ill be switching the 450 gear than forsure 7% is huge compared to nothing lol. And since the 27" outlaws are almost done ill be running bkts or teraches on 14" rims instead of 12". Thanks for the info.
  13. Well my nickname came from riding a 84 ytm 200 with all the big quads going where they go on two wheels turning or going straight. Also theres more than one Nathan in the same group !.
  14. Anything for a 06 rubicon 500 auto 4x4 (06 trx500fga6) ? Im about to rip open the tranny and split the case. Any info on gears i can change out to give it a reduction would be greatly appreciated!
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