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  1. Welcome to the forum Harley. I had that same issue a while ago. Turned out that the magnets in the shift motor broke away from the can and shorted everything out. Pull the motor off and take it apart to check the magnets
  2. Thanks for all oh this help. This weekend I will get started on this. Is it possible to delete the fuel screen altogether and just put an inline filter in? That way you can easily change it out if needed and if it has a clear case, monitor the condition of the fuel.
  3. Retro, I love competitive sarcasm! It's fun when meant to be. I got so fed up with the other forum when you ask a question and someone chimes in that its been asked before!" Don't you know how to search?" To Me it's so much more productive to say" hey, look here and I think you will find your answer". Common Decency. Too many people don't have a clue!! I am nearing the bottom of a tank of fuel so I will pull it and see what falls out! How makes/has the best kits out there? OEM or aftermarket? Are the stock jets the best or can they be helped? I would also say that since I'm a newbie here, I am blown away by everyone here that welcomed me and everyone else that is new here. I have gotten very helpful replies to my 2 questions here so far. I really appreciate the camaraderie here. Way to make a guy feel welcome😂
  4. If there's more info you need/want let me know and I will get it for you. ( I'm still used to the "other" site where you would get sarcasm instead of help!)
  5. 2001 foreman Rubicon 500 original as far as I know carb. the guy I got it from said he got it from an old guy and it had 500 on the clock in 2010.It really does run fantastic once its running. Doesn't matter how hot or cold it is outside. As I live in southern Ontario the temp range can be in the high 30C to low -30C( -22F to 86F) . But if it sits for a couple days it turns over and over When he said that it always smelled of gas I suspected dirty gas bypassing, but as it cleared up I didn't give it a second thought
  6. I got my quad in a shrewd trade for a 86 dodge ram diesel 4X4 with a rotten frame. I think I got the better end of that stick! it was back in 2012 and the quad only had 1100 on the odometer in the 21 years since it was born! 8 years later and I think it has made it to 1500 now!! Anyway... it has always Been a bugger to start when cold or it has sat for more than a day. It turns over like crazy, but that's it! maybe a minute or a little more and it will sputter and give me hope that it will kick to life. Once it starts it's a trooper. Start it tmr, no problems, wait another day and it's wash, rinse, repeat. So, Here's the $64 question... WHY? Is it a Honda thing? I haven't torn into the carb yet. Tiny springs and such are beyond my eyesight any more! If it hits the floor...order a new one! The guy I traded said that the only thing he found wrong with it was he could always smell gas. Ever since I've had it I have not once smelt gas?? Is it just a case of time and it needs a good cleaning and new seals, gaskets? Depending on the answers above hers part 2. If it needs a kit and cleaning are there some tried and true tweaks that should be done? up a jet size? squeeze a setting here or there? I know these are work horses and won't be intimidating an OUtlander anytime soon but I would like to have it running like a champ. thanks in advance
  7. That's the easy part I'm sure !! I'd be pleasantly surprised if the newer front diff just bolted right up
  8. Awesome. I will see if my local recycler has one. I it fits, is there just a simple power on, power off switch to control it? And not switching it while moving obviously!!
  9. I'm definitely not looking to go full time 2 wheel drive. I was hoping that a simple diff change and a switch and some wiring would give me "factory" 2/4 wheel drive .But I suppose if it was going to be that easy, it would also be a piece of cake and a shot of scotch and you could switch it to IRS as well!!
  10. We don't have access to cheaper parts here! Unless you can find an atv recycler!
  11. One thing to check on your leaky air chisel is make sure the body hasn't come loose from the handle. My PA air chisel does that all the time and I can't get it to stay tight. Just a little bit of a turn is enought to tighten it back up and its as good as new until it comes loose again!
  12. I just checked out E-Bay USA and Canada. Same distributor but Canada is in Can$. Going to cost me over $550 Can plus any duties. Any one with a good used one??
  13. The problem living in Canada and buying anything from the USA the shipping usually doubles the price and then you have to pay the duty on it. It looks like the best price I can find from " Canada" is around $500 or more
  14. Thank you for the replies. I will start to look for one up here in the land of overpriced!!
  15. Thanks Fishfiles, I have seen those but I've never heard comments on how bullet proof they are. I'm more interested to hear if it possible to switch out the front diff for a newer year to get the 2 wheel option. While my quad is not in mint condition I do like to keep it looking original. Having said that if it'd not possible I will be going this route
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