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  1. Hi Clarion! I have a 2002 Rubicon 500 PCB. It works fine the only problem it's the LCD. I can check capacitor specs and if you want I can sell you the PCB if interested.
  2. Hi Cutsham! How much do you want for the broken part shipped to 78041 Laredo Tx.?
  3. Hi there! Any chance you have a speedometer for 2001-2003 Honda Foreman/Rubicon 500? Maybe even a little newer like 2004-2006 Working or not. I only need the LCD if LCD it's not broken I want it. (see orange rectangle at foto below. I'm from Mexico but I have an address in Laredo Tx. (zip 78041) you may ship. Thanks!
  4. Great found retro! if NON NAVI 2004 fits 2003 then 2004 NAVI must fit 2003 NON NAVI I think I only need to buy the GPS module. I'll research a little bit more only to be sure it will fit. I appreciate your contribution.
  5. Great! Saltillo it's less than an hour from here and yes we have restricted activities because COVID. Near Ramos Arizpe there are a lot of mountains and ATV roads. It's one of my favorite place to go on weekends for hike or ATV. When you came let me know send me a WhatsApp +528188594563 (yes in Mexico we use WhatsApp we barely use SMS)
  6. Hi @AKATV Do you know if this will fit my 2003 Honda Foreman TRX500FA? It's a 2004 TRX500FA
  7. Thanks for your reply AKATV! I hope to get some @cutsham reply. If he unfortunately can't fix his console, I'll happy to buy him the broken one from cutsham
  8. Thanks Retro! If you ever came to Mexico let me know! We have Wonderfull beach in from Baja to Yucatán
  9. Ha ha! You now know my wealth. Don't tell anybody please! I want to be appreciated by my charming personality not by my assets. LOL
  10. Thanks! we have some (for a very few days) winter pictures:
  11. Thanks slowindown! We have lot of mountains here!
  12. Thanks TBR! You are welcome to Mexico any time! OK now on covid with some restrictions 😞 Thanks for your welcome Wilson! You will be welcome to Mexico dude!
  13. Hi there I'm from Mexico and new to this forum. If one of you came to Monterrey Mexico let me know and we can go to the mountains here. Monterrey is " La Ciudad de las Montañas" it's something like "Monterrey it's a Mountain Place" Her is my daughter at "La Huasteca" a mountain about 4 miles from my house.
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