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  1. I'm buying the full set off of Wheeler.
  2. Hey, definitely interested, let me see some pics, then I'll shoot you that offer. Do you have a FB? You can look me up there, and we can PM each other.
  3. Thanks, but I'm not dealing with Greg. I'll try to find them elsewhere.
  4. Hello, ISO of a set of rear mud guards for my 1993 300 4x4. I would like to find a used set for a decent price, let me know what you have, and what you are asking. Thanks -Andy
  5. If it's the clutch cover gasket you are talking about, I've never had a problem ripping. Can you show me where you have the most trouble?
  6. When I adjust the brakes up to the point where I get a good bite on them, it only turns freely for about a quarter of a turn and gets so tight I can't even move it. If you drive the rig around, the machine will be lots slower, the brake will squeak, it will lack power, and the break assembly will get so hot that you could cook an egg on it. This indicates to me there is something out of round. But I don't know.
  7. My dad knows how to do that sort of stuff, he is very smart and mechanical. He is a brilliant man, and I'm most proud to call him my father! And do you know what the minimum thickness can be off of your head? If not, I can always look in the book.
  8. My dad has access to a lathe at his work. Or would it just be better to buy a new one?
  9. I've already played with that adjustment, and it doesn't help. The brakes will be super easy to turn in one place and get so hard you can't turn it. Almost like the drum is out of round.
  10. Do you think it's more likely that the pads are the problem or the drum?
  11. I've actually entertained putting a disk on the back, but I still have the stock rims which are 11" and I think I need 12" Also, I think do you should try a new set of pads?
  12. Very good. A new steering bearing was all mine needed, and it was nice and tight.
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