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  1. That's a sharp lookin' wheeler, I love it.
  2. Oh, That's a good chunk of knowledge, Thanks for sharing.
  3. I would only buy an es if it was cheap. Even then, I would sell it, an buy an s if I really wanted a 450. I think I'll stick to the 300 for now.
  4. Back to the 424.I thought about taking the traxlok front diff out of a 450, and fitting it into the 300. Does anyone know if the ratio is the same?
  5. Yeah, Thanks. I don't know if I will buy one, but I always look.
  6. Yeah, I don't want an ES. My brother was working on a 1999 S with traxlok for a guy, and the is the ideal combo in my book. Idk if I can find an es that is broken for a good deal? and just convert it to an S
  7. Ok, thanks for the info, I have little experience on a 450, and I liked it! But I have a lot of experience on a 300. My dad bought his new in 1991, so I grew up riding it, and now we have 4 lol. a 1990 (my brothers) a 1991 (my dads) a 1993 (mine) and another 1993 (my grandpas)
  8. Thanks everyone, I really like my 300. I've thought about selling it and buying a foreman 450, and was wondering if you folks thought it was a good idea.
  9. 01-04 HONDA FOREMAN RUBICON 500 WARN 424 4WD TO 2WD LOCKER CC R2 | eBay I thought about buying this one, and doing some cutting and welding, but I don't know if it will work.
  10. I found a 1993 parts quad for 400 bucks, with a warn brand 424, I had the intention of buying it, but he sold it before I could get to it.
  11. Warn 424 Select for Honda 93-00 TRX300FW | eBay
  12. Btw, I like the 450 you got. I kinda want to sell the 300 and buy a 450😂
  13. Haha yeah, Do you think anyone on this forum has one?
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