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Went for a ride. Not ATV

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Some friends picked this up yesterday morning and we took a drive to one of my favorite places. Kind of in our backyard, for Montana anyway. We drove the Beartooth highway,  was hoping to get up there right after they got it opened up but waited a little too long and didnt get to see the snow along the road. Was beautiful nevertheless.  Left home by 7am and got up to the town of Redlodge which is pretty much at the base of the mountain by 9am. Just took our time and enjoyed the drive and the scenery. At the top there is a small rope tow ski lift and there were people skiing down a small area on the snow that was left. At the very top people were skiing down another area but hiking back up and shuttling up for each run in cars, trucks, and Van's. Had never been there this time of year so was pretty interesting to see the different types of people and their passion, energy, and reason for being up there. Always amazed at the little flowers that pop up and show some color among the tundra like landscape at 10,948 feet of altitude. Got the rare treat of seeing a couple of mountain goats that were near the road picking the salt off of the rocks from the snow that had been plowed off of the road (We use salt here to melt ice off the highways) Had a great time with our friends and was a beautiful day. Still ice on the lakes at the top.  Was 52 degrees, when we dropped back down and drove to Billings was 100 degrees. Topped the day off with buying a couple of guns, a little .17 caliber HMR for shooting gophers,  and a little Smith and Wesson EZ 380 for my wife.  Her hands are so small it's hard to find anything to fit her. Was nice to get out of town for a day back to the grind tomorrow. 🥴













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Sounds like a fun day....Looking at those pictures,sure makes me miss Colorado....But with dad in nursing home and mom needing help will be in Louisiana for a while.

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I agree, and it's out our back door. Basically. They are still working on clearing the "Going to the Sun" highway in Glacier National Park. That road is only open for 2 1/2 - 3 months out of the year. This road is about 6 hours from us. P7111408 View of Going to the Sun Highway from  Highline Trail, Glacier National Park, MT July 11, 2009.JPG



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Great seanery to have to look at every day....well someone has to do it, your truly blessed.

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