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26x10x12 Swamp Lites

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Considering going from the Zillas 9”fronts 11” rears to swamp lites. 10” on all 4..


years ago I ran them but they were 25s 8” front & 10s rear.. 


They pulled super hard. Loved the traction. I’m just considering them as all I really do is trail ride. My Zillas are 4 years old & still good shape, but just thinking new ones ;for an upgrade... 


I know @Fishfiles runs them, so anyone have some feed back?? They run tall do they not??


Thanks in advance..

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@basfnb had 26's on his Rubicon.


I wasn't impressed with them.  They loaded up REALLY bad in the thick stuff.


That said, they did ride smooth, and if all you're doing is trail riding they're good for that.


I think were I going to an AT/Trail tire I'd look at the Bear Claw.  @toodeep and a few others have raved about them as a trail/general use tire, and they were certainly spot on recommending the Mudbugs for a mud tire.

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The wife has ITP Swamp Lites 27s on her 300 , I'd tell you her rears ride taller and  the front shorter , you can see it in this pic , tire width I would think makes that difference ,  seems the width of the tire changes the ride height , think I need to let some air out her back tires  ,   those same Swamp Lite tires and rims were on  my 92 Blue 300 when I bought it , so I can say I rode Swamp Lites   many times between hers and mine , I really like them   , they are  a smoother ride than my  Mud Zillas or Outlaws and clear  clay well enough  , I do know they last a lot longer then the ITP MudLites  >>>>>  the Mud Zillas I have ,  I don't think you can buy them exact tires  any more , and the Original Outlaws are Outlaws 3 now days  >>>>>  when it comes time for me to get new tires , not sure what I would buy right now ----  you show me something 


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