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  1. Picked up a nice 99 Foreman 450es. Getting it apart for going thru it. It has a 424 style 4x2 disconnect system. The Cable was stuck, Took the knob off and soaked the cable/button shaft with Kroil, freed up nice, cable pulls out to 2wd position and pulls back on its own to 4wd. It doesn't lock in 2wd. I need to get the plastics off. Saw a video online but it isn't clear about the Cable Detent Lock. With knob and button removed and cable unscrewed; Tried to push the brass sleeve down to unhook cable. Seems to stop solidly when it hits the threads where the cable screws in. Brass sleeve spins easily, button will turn but not depress -seems like the detent balls may be jamming it. Not sure if it's a Warn. The pull knob is anodized aluminum with etched unreadable writing if that helps for ID. It seems no parts are available. Any ideas on stuck detents?
  2. Thanks too deep, think I’m going to leave it alone. I’ve got both of my ATVs running good and I’ll use the time to enjoy them rather than take on another project.
  3. The seller flips a lot of nice ATVs on FB. I would think he should know about correct oil and checking the level- that’s what concerns me. If it was a quick fix he would have done it. Sure don’t want a money pit.
  4. Found this on Faceplant; claims trans slips at times after oil change. Could it be the wrong oil? Worth the gamble? I would purchase it for resale as I’m sticking with ATVs. $7500 with 340 mi.
  5. Went and ordered the lift jack on EBay. Will plan on adding boards to the top after taking measurements. The Foreman 450 is wider than the Suzuki King Quad and the Foreman has full foot boards. Took both machines to TowerTrax in La last weekend and had a great time. New to atvs and now I’m hooked.
  6. What temp is normal for Cyl head and jug reading with temp gun?
  7. I sure would like a lift table but the budget can't do that. I think the lift jack may help, better than floor level anyway. Have been using full size floor jack for lifting one end at a time. and it works great. May just stay with that and save some money.
  8. Thinking of getting a lift jack. eBay for $160. Ideas?
  9. Summer Season is here so my question is that in case of machine breakdown can 03 foreman 450 es be towed without damage? How about 01 Suzuki King Quad 300 manual shift? Pretty sure the King Quad would be OK but don't know on the Honda. Also a shout out to Ron AKATV for great display meter repair. Thanks.
  10. Hey Fishfiles, So after the application, blood test and background check will I still need proof of vax? LOL. That's a cool map of times gone by. We would go shooting at the rear gate of Camp Villere at what was called rifle range pond. When I was a kid there was no Twin Span Bridge and Eden Isles was a marsh, Gause Rd was a gravel road. Times have changed. I have an old map of the East Pearl River that shows houses in Logtown, Miss, That town is gone for the NASA easement area. Gonna have to find that map.
  11. Thanks to all. Have a six pack of the stake pocket D rings on the way and will probably add some deck D rings as well so I have many options. Ordered the stake pocket D rings on Ebay for about $80. They do come in different sizes.
  12. I've heard good things about Zona Park, that it's family oriented and a good time. Bought my first ATV, the Suzuki after Ida to pull a drag to level the yard after the tree skidders tore it up. Been having so much fun with it that I picked up the 03 450 Foreman for my wife. Looking forward to summer! Spent a lot of time decades ago in Slidell/Lacombe/ and Pearl River area. All of Piney Woods was a crisscross of logging roads.
  13. Just got a 14x7 ATV Trailer so I can carry 03 Honda Foreman 450 and a 01 Suzuki King Quad 300. It has side ramps in the front and rear gate also. Should one be loaded sideways in the front or both lengthwise? The trailer is wide so the ratchet straps will be long. Are floor anchors needed? Also looking at the wheel chocks with straps system. Any reviews of ATV Riding Parks around SE Louisiana? New to this site and have found a lot of good info on here. Thanks to all.
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