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  1. Not today, but last Sunday. Warmed up the Rubicon and took my girls for a few trips through the woods. My youngest loves riding on “Red Rubi”, as she’s named it, every chance she gets
  2. Welcome to the forum! 04 Rubi here as well!
  3. Just for reference, here's a 2017 in the same price range with less mileage... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/5046239685449668/?ref=search&referral_code=undefined
  4. Well it is a Honda so resale value is higher, but in my opinion it's still a lil overpriced. They said they turned down $4700 already, which is more in the ballpark of what I would think of paying. There's great deals to be had out there, just a matter of when they pop up. New 2021 4x4 ES Ranchers are listing for a shade over $7k here and I think Honda is doing a 0% interest deal right now iirc. I don't know but if the market is anything like with bass boats, or boats in general, the insanely higher prices of new ones is driving up the price of all the used ones it seems like.
  5. Welcome to the forum, JohnB!
  6. I bought an 03 new the same year and had it for many, trouble-free years. I actually considered getting another rancher in the 04-05 year range when I was shopping around. As Jeep mentioned, they're different in regard to cosmetics and such, but for the most part are the exact same mechanically. Those 329cc engines are tough as nails!
  7. Add me to the list of Rotella users. I used the dino 15-40 for years in my old 350 Rancher that I was anything but easy on and it still ran great the day I sold it (looking back, I wish I still had that tough son of a gun). I now use the T6 15-40 in my Rubicon without issue. Oil preference can be hotly debated but really there's nothing wrong with using [insert brand here] as long as it meets the proper specs and is changed at proper intervals.
  8. Just to follow up, I got the new carb put on the Rubi over the weekend and there was one difference I found on the -013 carb. The fuel inlet valve was a slightly smaller diameter than the one on the -A01 carb that came off. Nothing that tightening a small hose clamp around the fuel line and inlet valve didn’t fix...just throwing that out there for anyone that runs into a similar situation. Ironically enough, it went into limp mode just before putting the new carb on and was giving a code for a tps sensor...the new carb came with a new sensor on it thankfully. Put everything back together, reset the ECM and the Rubi idles and runs like brand new now.
  9. Welcome! Look forward to seeing your progress as you get that Rubi pieced back together!
  10. Congrats, Goober! That's a beauty!
  11. Thank you, good to know! I had a feeling there shouldn't be any difference but wasn't completely sure.
  12. I'm able to get a new Honda carb from a friend for practically nothing, however it is part #16100-HN2-013 which is listed for 01-03 Rubis. The 04 carb is #16100-HN2-A01. My question is, would the -013 be fine on my '04? I don't see what the difference would be. If it works like I assume it should, I'd rather just put the new carb on rather than deal with cleaning/rebuilding the old one.
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