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  1. Welcome! Look forward to seeing your progress as you get that Rubi pieced back together!
  2. Congrats, Goober! That's a beauty!
  3. Thank you, good to know! I had a feeling there shouldn't be any difference but wasn't completely sure.
  4. I'm able to get a new Honda carb from a friend for practically nothing, however it is part #16100-HN2-013 which is listed for 01-03 Rubis. The 04 carb is #16100-HN2-A01. My question is, would the -013 be fine on my '04? I don't see what the difference would be. If it works like I assume it should, I'd rather just put the new carb on rather than deal with cleaning/rebuilding the old one.
  5. FishinDawg


    Now y’all are going to think I’m crazy 😂 I catch the non-venomous snakes and move them elsewhere when they’re where they shouldn’t be. I caught this big rat snake and garter snake slipping into the workplace. When I got the rat snake outside I noticed it'd made a meal of some unlucky rodent
  6. FishinDawg


    That first snake may very well be a copperhead, I’ve seen them in different colors as well, the nose and pattern on the head is the only thing that makes it a tricky guess in my opinion. This is a copperhead I killed while doing yard work this summer, he was laying right beside a limb I was reaching down to pick up...unlucky for him I had a machete within reach
  7. With the TP shortage starting again and all.. 😂
  8. 2004 Rubicon, only modification is a front disc brake conversion.
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