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Rubicon “spare parts”

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Question for all you longtimers out there.

Dealer is 65 miles away … we are experiencing unprecedented supply chain issues.

When I was into motorcycles, I had a ‘stash’ of spare parts such as filters, lubes, set of tires/rims, chain and sprocket so that maintenance was quick, convenient and available when needed.

What are the common points of failure for ATV’s in general?  I already have a 2 year supply of oil/filter changes and the OEM tires/rims.  

From what I am reading …



Wheel bearings … other bearings?

Air Filter/filter oil kit - so I can just swap it out instead of waiting 24 hours for it to dry after washing out.  
Differential fluids

spark plug

Am I missing anything?   

Trying to keep everything OEM as my days of modding for incremental gains are over.  
Just want reliability and maintenance convenience.








Thank you in advance for all responses!





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a good list !, but unless you rebuild engines ?, you got most parts on hand. i would keep any gaskets, engine parts, bearings if you have them ?, brake shoes, brake pads ( disk brakes ) if ya have them ?. never..EVER..get rid of honda parts !..lol.

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That is a good start!


Can’t really call myself a mechanic, but I’m a good part replacer.  
I say that because I have been humbled by some great mechanics I have met that showed me it can be an art.  
Always had the mindset if I have the tools and learn something new, being self reliant is a good thing.  

Just hate having downtime waiting for parts that may take weeks to come in.  

Thank you for the suggestions I missed.  👍

As for bearings, are there other bearings that commonly fail?

I know wheel bearings go bad due to mud and water.  


Forgot to mention the rubber grommets that hold the plastic on.  
Already have a couple spares as they seem to ‘disappear’ on me.  

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You have a newer Rubicon with the DCT correct? If so I would keep a spare angle sensor on hand since they are fairly cheap and possibly a shift motor. Boots for the axles (All Balls are cheap and good) would be another thing.

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Thanks for all who replied.  

I’m going to edit the OP with part names/part numbers as time allows.  

Been rather busy fixing a house I just bought getting it ready for winter.  
‘As soon as things settle down, will try to make this post as good as retro’s shifter post.  

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