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Hey guys first off thanks for all the great info available on this forum. I have been searching and reading alot in the last couple of weeks. 
Figured I'd check in and introduce myself. My name is John, I go by jcz on all the other forums I've been on. I currently view a wood working, John Deere, and Harley Davidson forum. Apparently I have alot of projects and hobbies. 
I have a 2004 rancher AT. It is stock other than wheels and tires. Been a good bike. Had to replace the centrifugal clutch pads a couple times. I used it to drag my 1/2 mile driveway before buying a JD tractor. 

I currently have my brothers 2002 foreman 450 es taken apart. I will start a thread on my issue with it later.

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Hey jcz glad you found this Honda ATV forum.  Unlike many forums we do have a chat area where we kick the can around most evenings.  Would like to see ya check in sometime......

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