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Start in gear mod for 350 Ranchers and 300's

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Figured I would post this up here, since it's something that I like to have on all my machines.


I picked up a used Foreman 500 (05-11) brake master cylinder and brake lever, which has two micro switches built into it.  This is for an 05 350 Rancher, which has one microswitch on the stock brake lever for the brake lights.  You hook those wires onto one of the two microswitches on the Foreman brake lever, and hook a relay up to the other microswitch for the start in gear mod.

Grounded wire goes to swtich on brake lever

Wire coming off of other side of switch on brake lever goes to relay 85

Black/ brown wire coming off of 15A lights fuse goes to relay 86

Relay 87 is grounded

Snip wire going to neutral light

Relay 87A goes to neutral light

Relay 30 goes to wire you snipped off that used to go to neutral light.


This allows you to start the machine in gear, but only with the brake lever held back.  Will still start in Neutral with the lever held back or not held back (as normal).


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I did the same mod on my daughter's 300, again using the Foreman brake lever so I could also add brake lights.


On the 300 the wiring is as follows.

Get your relay.

Ground wire (under frame bolt) to Foreman brake micro switch

Other side of micro switch to relay 85

Ground relay 87

12v pos switched power source to relay 86 (pink ignition wire)

Snip wire going to neutral light.

Relay 87a goes to the snipped (-) Neutral light wire which should be Light Green/Red and goes to bulb

Relay 30 connects to the snipped end of the Light Green/Red wire that goes to the solenoid (neutral light wire you snipped that goes back into the harness) AND you need to run a jumper to the green wire going to the CDI.


Then use the other microswich for your brake lights.  I'll post another thread here



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Good write up Jeep. Which year 300 is that for? As you know there are wiring differences over the years. 98-00 300's would be more similar to the 00-03 Ranchers. 


I usually just take the lazy way out and ground the N wire so it shoes N all the time. Your way would be the CORRECT way to do it.

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That's for a 97 Mac.  All the 300's I plan on keeping are 2nd gens so I can use the Rick's CDI's and the 424's (without finding or modifying one to fit a first gen).


But you are correct, 3rd gens would be more like the 350 method.


As much as I'd like to take credit for it, I just had the idea.  Retro and Melatv came up with the actual "how to"

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