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  1. How do you like the King Quad? I'm shopping for a new bike that I can put tracks on for winter. Apparently King Quads are awesome but I have a hard time seeing me with something else than a Honda. I was thinking Foreman 520...
  2. I'd still use wheels in the summer time but I'd use my tracks in the winter. Basically trying to swap my firewood cutting time to be done in the winter as I'd have more time then. Just not sure which is a better work horse, Rubicon or Foreman... I'll be going to the dealer on Friday to see whats up. @toodeep How much $$ did the tracks put you back for? They are around 4k cnd here.
  3. Hey guys, I've been thinking about getting myself a new ATV with tracks for winter time. I've got a 1975 snowmobile that goes great when its very cold and the trails are packed. However when there's a snow storm and I need to stop/go, this thing acts more like a submarine. Last winter was enough to almost make me burn it on the side of the trail. My father bought a used Yamaha 660 Grizz with tracks and I gotta say it gave me the fizz. I'm not ready to jump ships though and go to Yamaha. I'd rather stay with Honda. My goal is to work with this machine, no trail riding. Mainly hauling wood up steep hills so I need something that can take a beating and yet provide enough power to have winter tracks on. I'd have a sleigh in the back for the winter months. I'm a complete noob to the newer models and was wondering if anyone has any insight on the new Honda Foremans or Honda Rubicons? I need a work horse. Almost forgot to mention, I'm 100% keeping my 300 as well. I'd hate myself if I sold it. Thoughts?
  4. Those videos always make me laugh / cringe. I'll stick to my axe 😅 Infact, I should be cutting wood... Lowest amount of wood I have in 6 years. Only 4 cords done and by this time I have an easy 20. I'll have to look for some standing dead/dried wood. Haven't we figured out how to do 40 hours in a day yet? Heck I barely have time to visit the forums nowdays!
  5. @FishFiles Yes he was writing in French. Also you were close: "Parlez-vous français?" 😆
  6. Bonjour, Si possible essayez d'écrire en anglais. Vous aurez beaucoup plus d'informations en utilisant l'anglais au lieu du français cars la majorité des gens ici parlent en anglais.
  7. Haha yeah! This covid business had me very busy but work related things are getting a bit more back to normal. Heck I've barely been on my 4 wheeler or cut any wood in 3 months!
  8. Wow, mint condition. Good job!
  9. I'd love some fenders for my '95! Rare as pope s*** around here.
  10. Update on this; the winch had failed again in February. I had a hunch it was the switch... Removed it and the switch connectors had broken inside. Bought a new switch and its been working fine.
  11. Wow looks amazing. You did this restoration very quickly too. Mine is still on the sidelines for a bit; and I'm sure it won't be done nearly as fast or as nice! Lol
  12. I bought SuperClean at Canadian tire to clean most of my stuff. Really strong; wear gloves... You let it react a little bit and clean away. Also brake cleaner works nice
  13. Wow those plastics came out awesome! I had one of those days installing new doors inside; had to stop before I ripped the wall out.
  14. machinecrook


    Wheeler Walker Jr.. (kitty) king Edited because this is a family forum and our young kids browse it as well. You'll have to search for that one.. TD
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