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  1. Never heard of it either Wilson . . .
  2. Those two stem trees are known as 'School Mar'm's' here. Find bullets, fencing wire/staples. all manner of things. Faller was felling an ancient Western Red Cedar up at Campbell River, BC. He 'rocked' his saw, sharpened it and was putting in the new undercut slightly above the original when he rocked his saw again. He eventually dropped the old Cedar and the butt cracked and shattered as they often do with Red Cedar. Imbedded in the tree was an ancient cannonball that had been fired from a sailing ship 160 years earlier. It's in the museum now.
  3. The lovely Leslie Porterfield . . . . 200+mph Bonneville. She's the 'real deal' . . .
  4. It's an '04 Sport . . . 4.0L, 5speed, 3.73 TracLoc . . . . 2" BDS lift
  5. Jeep guy too . . . . That YJ looks very choice. Hope it's yours soon 🚙
  6. The bear track is a composite Grizzly/Black front. This is a Grizzly front track. The toes are in a straighter line and touch. Indents above the toes were made by the claw tips.
  7. Looks like a 'rolling carnival' . . . . . .
  8. Ahhhh . . . a car from my era. Four portholes (now just chrome) last of the vertical chrome grill pieces, and the radiused wheel wells (looked fast even when parked) . . .
  9. Mystery indeed . . . Removed choke cable at the carb. Removed plunger, cleaned bore, plunger, spring . . . cable is free and lubed. Assembled cable as before, but not attached to the carb. Still very stiff, like the spring isn't seated, but it is. Feels like the plunger spring is too long. Sorry to bother you guys . . . . 😕
  10. Thinking you guys are on the right track . . . . will pull it apart again and check the plunger/0-ring. Appreciate the help! MM
  11. Just put everything back together with the steel clip in the shortest cable position. Still have to hold the choke lever for start-up. Head scratcher for sure.
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