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  1. Yesterday. Took the cover off and put the battery in. Went for a short ride. I had to move it as a neighbor brought his tractor over so my other neighbor could spread out a pile of gravel I have in my back yard for more parking. I worked on the Jeep. New transfer case and front diff fluid. It was nice and sunny yesterday and got up to 46. Not bad working outside. I need the gravel spread out for more parking for the Jeep, the atv and a trailer to haul the atv. Once all the fluids are done on the Jeep I can go and buy the trailer. Then plan a trip to some nearby trails. No more just riding into the mountains from the house. All snow is gone in the valley, where everyone lives. Still snow on the mountain tops. Warmer weather scheduled for next weekend. dc
  2. When I was looking 2 years ago, I found the used ones were all over priced, and all with a lot of potential for bad parts on them. It wasn't much more to buy new and then only deal with the new machine issues. Rather than years worth of old machine issues. Around here no one ever wants to get rid of a good machine. dc
  3. The best idea is, pay cash, or check or money order. And ... don't pay interest. What I always do is go around, better in person, you have to see if they have what you want. And ask for the best OUT THE DOOR price. Usually you have to explain to them what the out the door price is, as they like to add on tax, license, insurance, dealer preparation fees, other fees, extra fees, and some money for Uncle Joe. Then after explaining out the door price, talk to them about discounts. Senior, military, local yokel, long time customer, family, and any other thing you can think of discount. Then shop that price around. I found mine $600 lower that way. dc
  4. David13


    Well, reading this, I realize I don't have it bad at all. Saturday was 57, Sunday 62 and yesterday 66 degrees. Cloudy today so lower, but about half the snow is gone, only patches left. And I'm at a mile high elevation here. Snow predicted for 4 days starting Friday but probably an inch at most. Maybe just some dusting. I still got work to do on the Jeep (to pull the Rancher 420) but I got to look at getting the Rancher going soon here. dc
  5. I didn't keep the ad or anything, but I think I saw it on Facebook. Ad for old fashioned normal usual gas can spouts that just screw on to you new government screwed up gas can. Apparently they only screwed up the spout, not the can itself. dc
  6. Here's a link to some technical info about. It all depends on the physics of it. There was a guy in Los Angeles who walked around with a big chunk of his head gone. He had been shot in the head, point blank, but survived. I never knew the details on it, like how and why, just that he had a real indentation in his head. From a little old "confrontation". dc https://www.medicinenet.com/surviving_a_gunshot_wound_to_the_head/views.htm
  7. Ok, you try. Then we will see if I don't get you first. Then we will see how long you move around. Case reopened. I'll agree with you on the push for "gun control" which is ... the hand on the gun. Not a paper in your state capitol or Washington DC. But I have to say, the publicity* of it is part of the push for gun control. That's why the media will show it everywhere and for many times. To push for ... not gun control in the true sense, but for more nonsense "laws". "Laws" that all violate the supreme law of the land. That is the ... Constitution. dc *It's the publicity. You can't stop incidents like this from happening.
  8. Changed the oil and filter in the jeep. Jacking up with jack stands all normal. Oil drain plug on so tight I had to use the impact to get it off. Then, the filter. The thing is buried amongst all kinds of parts. Nearly ;perfectly inaccessible. So to the internet. And a video. Take off the grill and the driver's side headlight. Go in there. It worked. But getting the grill off was ... tough and rough. Now, what the ! does this have to do with atvs, you may ask. Well, the Jeep will pull a trailer (yet to be bought) with the atv on it. So this is all preparation. dc
  9. Shady Death is just not an instant thing. Those who watch tv or movies see all the time, a person gets shot once, and boom, he goes down and never again gets up. It don't actually happen that way. There are cases of guys getting shot many times and they just keep going. Fall dead later. I was riding (motorcycle) a few years ago from Los Angeles to Utah. We hit a full fledged snow storm, and for some reason I had a premonition I was to see something dying. In about one mile I saw a deer laying almost on the center line of the highway, legs straight out, and legs wiggling. He had been hit by a car (or truck) and was dying. A truck was pulling over, probably to finish him off, put him out of his misery. Death is not instant. Sometimes it is. Let's say you are motorcycling along and a train comes, 80 mph, and you manage to get right in front of it. Boom! Gone so fast you don't know what hit you. But that's not always. dc
  10. Now Wheeler, shoveling snow is serious business. I know when I lived in Southern California these Canadian snowbirds would come down and get into some serous hassles and confrontations with the locals. Human nature, I guess. dc
  11. David13


    "Scientists". Ha, ha, that's a good one. Last week I didn't know how to spell scientist. Now I are one. dc
  12. Here is my still current bike. Now in the barn for the winter. This is a photo on the Campo road, Campo California. I have just crossed the border from Tecate Baja California del Norte, into California. And I'm heading back home to Los Angeles area. dc
  13. Yeah I ended up using my Dremel on a number of jobs where it would have never occurred to me to use it if I didn't have one. So they can be useful. I got license plates and put them on. On the Jeep, not the ATV. I bought the Jeep in December and in Utah you get license plates when you buy a car, separate from the car. In California, the plates go with the car. It's a 2008 Jeep Liberty. It will pull a trailer with the ATV on it. The ATV can go on roads under 50 mph. But not the main highways. Now, why didn't I buy a road ready ATV, you may ask. I don't know that they come road ready. I was sold on the Pioneer 500 but a neighbor had me drive his. Way too noisy. Also, it comes with no windshield, no roof, ,and no back window. When you put those on you hold the noise in more. And then it's still not road ready. You need turn signals, and mirrors and I forget what all else, then you pay a higher registration price. Besides there's always only one of me. Thus I don't need an extra seat. So, Rancher 420 it is, and a trailer (yet to buy) pulled by Jeep, almost ready with new plugs, just now needs all new fluids. dc
  14. I used a Dremel on mine. A Dremel I've had for 30 or 40 years and hadn't used in many years. Just use low speed so as not to melt the plastic as someone else posted. I have all kinds of tools that I have never used. But it sure works nice when I need one, and, lo and behold, I have it right there in one of the boxes. dc
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