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  1. I'm happy I didn't go with foot shift. Surely on a motorcycle I want a shift, manual, foot shift because that is just part of riding a motorcycle. But it is somewhat of a pain in city riding, but that matters not as I'm far from the city now. I did have a new Mustang GT with 5 or 6 manual gears when I was in the big city (Los Angeles) and I soon sold it, as it was a pain to drive it in stop and go traffic which is impossible to avoid in Los Angeles. But on the atv my riding is up hill, down hill, left turn right turn, constantly, and I would not want to be on and off the clutch and gear selector all that time. I know a lot of people here or anywhere talk about auto transmissions and the possible problems they can have with them. I also know that in Mexico, and I have heard in other countries they favor sticks as they are worried about auto trans repairs. But I've seen as much manual trans failure as auto. One of the first jobs I ever did was a '65 Mustang clutch when it was about a year old. And after getting the clutch out the owner said "oh, the first gear is shot", whereby I opened the transmission, sent him down to the dealer for new gears and had them in in minutes. I used to know a used car dealer who said "oh, these people say they like their synchromesh manual transmission. Until they have to pay to repair it." And I never had a auto trans fail me. Maybe I just don't get around enough. On the atv it does sometimes shift rough, or linger in a lower gear, but it still is a lot less hassle than in and out on the clutch and up and down on the gears. So I'm happy. Knock on wood. dc .
  2. I'm still working on it. Mostly by thinking about it. I did find the electrical supply store, but they didn't have anything that wasn't stiff wire. They did have the connectors tho'. And I have ordered a pair of pliers which should criimp them nicely. I finally went with the wire from NAPA. It's not as soft as the Warn wires, but it's not as stiff as the Home Depot #8 wire. Half way between, I guess. I'm still looking around for a nice place to mount the controller. I'm also trying to figure out which wire to switch if the switch runs opposite to what reads on the switch, in/out, that is. I suppose I could just switch the wires from the winch motor to the controller. Then in and out would correspond to the switch reading if it doesn't start out right. Thanks to all. dc
  3. In my area I didn't know there were any off road rules. I suppose there are, but for things I probably wouldn't be doing anyway. I think most of my riding is in the National Forest or something, so it would have to be the forest service or someone who got after me, I did encounter one Sheriff on my last ride this year, and a couple forest service trucks on the high trail during the summer. But they either didn't stop or if they did they just wanted to socialize and get information. There are signs up about cattle poaching, $20,000 reward. I have no idea if that is still an issue or not but I suppose those guys are more interested in that than any atv. But around here most or almost all would be legal all around in any case. It's only been one year for me out there so far, so I haven't seen or head much. Just one of my neighbors dog got caught in a trap that was basically on, or very close to the trail, so the dog owner objected and wanted to confront the trapper who happened to be my next door neighbor. Confront not about trapping, but about trapping on or close to the trail. He admitted it was winter and no one was up there much, but ... It turned out the trapper had moved out, and a Sheriff's deputy moved in. So he said it was probably better that no one answered the door when he went to confront the trapper. This was the same neighbor and dog team who had a story about the dog confronting and facing off with a sheep out on the trail, near a drop off. This when the neighbor was still attached to the dog on the leash. The sheep squared off and rammed the dog, knocking him down the drop off and causing the owner to fall with him for a ways. He had the banged legs and arms to prove it. (The neighbor, not the dog). I suppose the dog was no worse for the wear on the ramming, the trap, and the fall. It's a big dog. dc
  4. Yeah, I would skip those squiggly things also. The only fish I like is filets. Just plain fish mean. I'll skip the pork too, except for the bacon. But rib eyes? Yes, those are for me. We have a good source for them here. Turkey, yes. I cooked one for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas. Last a nice long time. dc
  5. I don't let things bother me. Sometimes a thing is real easy for me and others cannot understand that as they found that thing hard. So I just take the situation as it comes and deal with it. So this has been (and still is) a somewhat thorny winch install, but I'll get it done. I haven't even started on the motorcycle forks and that will be unusual as it's a BMW, not the conventional forks. But there is still a lot of winter left here so there is no rush. dc
  6. Wilson It'll be a while before I get a photo. Too much of a cold to be out much. It was the standard Honda accessory bumper offered in their catalog. I'll get photos but here is the link: https://powersports-honda.dcatalog.com/v/2019-Honda-SxS-ATV-Accessory-Catalog_r1/?page=72 It is M down in the right lower corner. It isn't a lot of bumper, but was under $150 with the discount and it was better than nothing which was original equipment. I also got the windshield which didn't fit and I took back. I got them thru' the dealer, thus the discount. dc
  7. That may well be a better idea, Retro, if I can get in there to mount it. I also didn't like the idea of mounting it to the plastic at the trunk area. If I can get it up there by the steering I won't have to drive all over the state looking for wire. I'll post about the continuing saga, but maybe later as I have a ibt of a cold at this time. And cold weather out doesn't help it. dc
  8. Yes, that is definitely a nice looking bumper. Myself, I just went with the official Honda rear bumper It was a bit expensive, over $200, I think, but I did get a discount on it. I did not go with their front bumper, which I thought added very little to the bumper that came on the Rancher 420. But there was basically nothing on the back, so the bumper was a nice addition. However, I haven't had anyone run into me, and haven't backed into anything yet, so I don't know how well it would work. dc
  9. Well, Shadetree, I have no real idea as to how it is possible that the Warn wires won't reach. All I can tell you is ... they don't. I can get out there with the camera and take some photos that might explain it. But I can give a narrative here. First, I mounted the winch in the front, on the KFI bracket, at the front and center, behind the bumper with the bracket onto the end of a center portion of the frame. There is tubular frame on both sides leading to the rear, this again the 2019 Honda Rancher 420 (I think). Running the wires from the winch, down the side of the tubular frame, either outside or inside the tubular frame, the wires reach to just about the seat area, almost to the edge of the battery. Thus, to go to the trunk or tool box further back they are somewhat less than a foot or two short. Thus I'm looking for the same wire to cut to exact length. As to the explanation, I don't know. They say that things are bigger in Texas, and maybe then, they are smaller down there in Arkansas. Maybe that is the explanation, that you have installed on smaller ATVs, and/or maybe I got a Texas ATV over here in Utah. And that explains it. I do know that I have been informed that the Rancher 420 got bigger in 2014/2015. They went to the same frame or chassis as the Foreman, or something like that. Anyway, I'll try to get some photos to show it, which may explain it. Thanks for your comments. dc
  10. All my trips so far (one year into it) have been 4 to 6 hours. But none the less, I usually take with me all those things except the tent and sleeping bag. I have yet to get to that, but I will. And I bring it all back. The only thing I don't bring back that I take is a sandwich. I usually eat that, but usually don't even get to the chips or candy bars. Oh, water, I do drink water all along the way. Yes I have two large Kolpin boxes, one front, one rear. And they usually are full. Also I pick up trash on the way back in, so I usually have a bag of aluminum cans, bottles, empty water bottles, and maybe some cardboard containers. That way the forest, trail, etc is in (somewhat) better condition than when I went out there. It's amazing how little regard people have for the beauty of the natural world that they would throw their trash out there like that. dc
  11. I ordered a bag of 40 8mm, Moto something or other brand. Exact OEM and all that. On the new application, I didn't want to stretch out the hole and use the 10 mm, so I just ordered the 8 mm. But I think you are right, as they get older and looser, probably the 10 will be the solution. Now if I can find some wire. Thanks dc
  12. I'm mounting my Warn winch on the 2019 Honda Rancher. I want to put the controller in the trunk or back tool area. The wires from Warn are not long enough to reach back there. I tried Home Depot and Napa auto. Home Depot has 8 gauge but it's very stiff wire. The wires that came with the winch are quite flexible. Soft, really, but stranded copper. Napa has somewhat softer but still stiff enough. And ideas where I can get the same wire Warn supplies with the winch? Thanks dc
  13. I'm all in favor of going out and having a little fun, but i'm beginning to think some of you carry it all just a little too far. But then, I don't drink, so that may change the equation a bit. I have yet to get stuck or even see anyone stuck. Tho' I did see a bow hunter with his pickup (large) with (large) camper shell wtih 4 flat tires in the middle of the trail. And I have installed the winch, not the wires yet, so ... it's a new year. dc
  14. Well it turns out that the Honda snap tabs I have are 10 mm and they fit the car, the Honda car, but the atv uses 8 mm so I had to order some. Partzilla had them for $.45 each, but I found some aftermarket on Amazon for 40 for $5.95 so I ordered those. I have both after market and official Honda on the 10 mm size and found they are the same. And when they come in a pack of 10 or 40 if they are bad or defective or break, one can just replace them. dc
  15. Well, time for another episode in the continuing winter long saga of putting a winch (Warn) on the 2019 Rancher 420. I got the KFI bracket. Rocky Mountain ATV MC still hasn't given me a refund on the Warn bracket. I talked to them 3 times and they keep asking me for the hardware, which, 3x I told them I returned it with the bracket, which I did. I'll see what they say tomorrow. After about 6 or 8 tries, I lost count, I got the KFI bracket on and bolted down. I had to take off some of the black plastic grill below the headlights but then half put it back in before I put the bumper on, with the bracket and winch bolted onto the bumper. To get it all together I had to squeeze the winch down somewhat smaller, so I hope it still runs that way. Without the squeezing down it would not all have fit into the limited space there. I have two bags of the Honda snap tabs, those usually break after one use. Fortunately I have quite a few of them, as several broke taking off the front plastic. I still have to figure out what to cut the plastic with on the brush guard. That has to be cut around the winch, it won't squeeze any smaller to get around that. I don't know what to use to cut it. Maybe a Dremel or an angle grinder. Any suggestions on that would be appreciated. Then it's trying to run the wires. I think I will follow the advice here and elsewhere and mount the controller in the back. I'll have to get some wire tabs and cut the wire as the wire is too long to go one foot to the battery from the back, it's 4 feet long. The controller wire may be too short. I'll see. I do not like the way the switch is meant to mount on a double bracket on the handle bars. Maybe I can mount it downward, instead of upward, or even use a different switch, maybe mounted onto the plastic somewhere. That can go last. I didn't like some of the hardware that came with the winch so yesterday I was out shopping for nuts and bolts that I liked. Today was a nice sunny day of low 40s. But now we are going to be under 32 degrees for at least a week. Someone said it will start getting nicer on February 15. We have passed the shortest day, so now the days are getting longer. And I'm starting to think of summer weather on the trails, or maybe motorcycle riding. I think I will devote most all weekends to trail riding, tho'. That's what I got an atv for. But it's a long way off. Last year I didn't get to the top of the mountains til late May or June, I haven't even started on the motorcycle forks. But there's still time yet. dc
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