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  1. I sure would be happy to be out there with you. But it's not in the cards. I been on the road on a motorcycle and on the train. But I haven't been on the trails out thee. Yet. dc
  2. I don't watch tv. Just too much leftist crap. If I know the politics of anyone in anything, and I don't like their politics, then I can't watch it. A year to two ago, all online, I watched Tales of Wells Fargo, 1950s tv. All the episodes. That was good. Right now I'm watching all the episodes (92) of Tombstone Territory. All online. Again 1950's to 1960 tv. All free. I like the old stuff. Yes, and the horse riding and gun slinging. I got to get out my black powder rigs and get out to the range with them. dc
  3. I rode 150 miles round trip on the motorcycle to Harbor Freight (closest one) and got their 20% off run out gauge. It looks like I just have a bent rim. So I ordered it along with the right front fender and the luggage rack for the front. I'll get the back one (fender, one piece) and maybe back rack later. Amazing to me the machine rolls over on it's side and no apparent motor damage. I did change the oil, which was due. Everything seems normal and in place. Any ideas about what might have been damaged or what to check? Thanks dc
  4. I got the front end up. The right tire has a small wobble, I don't have a gauge to put on it, but about 1/16 of an inch, the deepest spot where a stone mark is on the rim, where it obviously in some way hit a rock, or fell on a rock or crunched against a rock. Now just to determine if it's in the rim, or the sub assembly carrier. dc
  5. Thanks The Meguiars has made the black plastic and Kolpin boxes look like new. It says not for surfaces if you don't want them shiny. But it turns out no more shiny that original. The kolpin boxes has gotten a white and chaulky look to them, like they were fast drying out in the sun, at best a gray, not original black. The Meguiars has made them new/black again. As to buffing out the scratches on the painted parts, they are too deep. I will just replace the front side and back fender panels. dc
  6. I'm a shadetreer in that I'm an amateur, also a beginner. But I don't have a tree for a hoist and probably wouldn't do that anyway. Not a beginner on cars and motorcycles. My shed is filled with junk so I'm always working outside. And on any tool I need to weight and balance the cost with how many times/how often I'll use it. So jack stands and floor jack will work for me. I see my transmission jack is only rate at 450 lbs so I can't use that. Shadetree is basically a pro, so sure he would have fancy dedicated tools, expensive, and lots of them. Time is money. I got a lot of tools and money into them. More than I need, and many I only used once. Anyway, thanks to all for the comments. dc
  7. I didn't test the air in it, it looks like it's normal. The rock is a limestone they have here, I think it's oolite, soft and crumbly. When it fell onto the sand/dirt it must have landed on top of a piece of it right at the seal/rim/tire edge, and crumbled between the two I chipped and crumbled most of it out, but it looks like there is powder and pieces of it still in the gap. I'm going to try the inflation and cleaning and see. But first I've got to see if it's the rim or the sub assembly that's bent, i8f anything. Probably tomorrow. I work a half shirt, part time night shift so I'm back tonight for one night. Tomorrow is a holiday, so I'll get into the mechanical. Today I started on Meguiar's Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer. My bike and boxes are only a year and two months old but particularly the Kolpin boxes are getting a white chaulky look to them, dried out from the sun. This restorer is making them look nice and black again, I'll have to see how long it lasts. I'm looking at the front fender panel, and it looks like those come painted and finished at a reasonable price, so maybe one right front. The back is one piece across both side, so more money but still not bad and I think I'd like to have the machine looking pristine again. Maybe that will help to slow me down at least on the trails marked "Extreme" like this one was. I think speed was an issue, but also not knowing all the quirks and oddities of the machine and certain trails. The speed and momentum, and being in 4 wheel drive caused the left front tire to start climbing that hill, which flipped me over. I know not to get one side into a deep rut or trench, or off a cliff, but I hadn't thought of one side going up that way. Just more learning after only just one year on a quad. dc
  8. Hey, old, still out there ripping up the trails. And it didn't kill me, so I'll be back out there in a few days. 3 days off work tho' first, for healing. dc
  9. It was probably '67 and I was 18. I'm 71 now. Many years ago starting on forums David was taken so I started thru' numbers, and settled on David13 for all forums where possible. I was born on the 13th, a Wednesday, but I was 13, 30, 35 and a few other birthdays fell on Friday the 13th and I'm still going. So not superstitious about 13. Fish Files, I always think of your name as Fish Flies. Maybe it's a southern thing but I never understood it, either way. dc
  10. I'm going to use a floor jack and jack stands, because I want to run the machine with all 4 wheels off the ground to see if I have any wobbly tires. I have been told the right front is wobbling, but I need to see it, then see if it's the wheel (rim) or carrier. I can see rock embedded between the tire and the rim on the right front tire. So at a minimum I'll need to remount or get it remounted and clean out the seal. I'd be out there today but it's a drizzly cool cloudy day. Now as to the shade tree and come along I want to tell a story here about such things. The year was about 1966 or maybe spring 1967. For some reason, visiting a neighbor or was at his house for some reason, I got into a house to talk about a 1963 Jaguar XKE outside. He said it was his, or that was why I was talking to him and that it was for sale. $1,300 for a 3 year old XKE, gray, red interior, soft top roadster model. Looked perfect. A possible dream come true ... However, he said he didn't put anti freeze in it, he forgot, and it needed a clutch. And he knew to change the clutch it couldn't come out from the back, the motor had to come out the front. And the block may be cracked, no anti freeze and all, he didn't know (this was mid Michigan, freezing winters), now just spring time. Well, I couldn't pull the engine, no garage to use or whatever so I told another guy about it. He went over, bought it (I don't know if he ever paid all the money, maybe a promise on the balance). He took it back to his parents house, put a chain hoist on a tree limb in the front yard, pulled the engine, put in a clutch, found the block with no cracks, and had about the sharpest car for a young kid in all of mid Michigan. But he was a mad reckless driver, crashed it, killed his passenger and spent six months in jail (I think) for his effort. So you see, real shade tree work is possible, but you still need to know who the mechanic is. dc
  11. I looked at my motorcycle/transmission jack from Harbor Freight. It is a scissor jack with a flat white plate on top, with a side strap on it. But the ad shows it as rated as 450 lbs. I believe the Rancher 320 is more than that. I never lifted my current nor any previous motorcycle with it, only transmissions. The plate is 8 or 10 inches by 16 to 20 inches, with a v groove in the center. Looking underneath the Rancher I see I can use the hydraulic floor jack to lift front and rear and put jack stands near the edges of the frame. That's all I need so I can run it and see how that front wheel wobbles, then inspect and see what I got to replace. dc Oh, no trees like that here. All I have is one apple tree, more like a gigantic bush than a tree.
  12. I need to get my atv up to get the wheel off. I checked the glove box book, and the Helm manual. It's too complicated for one, and too simple for the other book so nothing there on lift points. I need to drag out of the shed a motorcycle/transmission jack that I have. Some online pundits suggest that. But still where are the best lift points? Or should I use the hydraulic jack that I use on cars? How do you jack up your ATV, say to change a wheel? Thanks dc
  13. Rancher 420, 2019 model I was on a mountain trail, two tire tracks in the dirt on the side of the mountain, to the left a good 60 to 70 degree slope up at the immediate edge of the trail, and down hill to the right. I had been getting some feedback from the electric power steering handlebars. A few times it seemed like hitting a rock would knock the bars right or left. Then something knocked the bars to the left, a rock or what I don't know, causing the left front tire to start up the incline at the left and flopped the ATV over onto the right side. I got banged up nicely on the right arm and shoulder. I could feel the wet blood on my long sleeved shirt immediately. There was only some large sage brush type bushes or small trees up the hill, much of which was rotten, so I couldn't get the winch on anything, and I didn't know if it could pull me upright anyway. I called some friends who came and helped me flop it over. It ran, and appears to run normally. A lot of scratches on that pretty white paint on the plastic and a wobble in the right from tire. Looking underneath, I'm wondering if the only damage is a right front rim, bent. Any ideas or recommendations as to what to check? Thanks dc
  14. Oil is oil. It's the additives. The official Honda stuff has some nice additives. My machine likes it. It's real happy with it. I don't know if it would be unhappy with other stuff. Got to be rated right, and all. Amsoil is expensive. Brand names are expensive. My dealer has a low price on Honda oil, one thing they do have a low price on. Loss leader, maybe. Even cheaper than internet. Even cheaper than a jug of Mobil1 which is about the cheapest, other than the no name brands. An excuse to go to town. dc
  15. Well, I'm looking at this and I searched for Aussie Locker for Honda ATV and what I found was does the Rancher 420 (2017) have a locking differential. A video. And he shows what I was reading today about holding the brake as a locker. And he shows in the video how it works. So, all the talk about do I need a winch, or is it better to just have a diff locker so you don't need the winch, etc which I was reading today, well, ... I just got the winch done and on and in. I did happen to cross a big water hole last summer and someone asked if I had a diff lock. It looked like no, but it didn't matter, as I just made it thru' the water hole with no problem. I didn't even bounce one foot onto the ground like the other 5 atvs that came along at the same time. Following that video was one from Tennessee 'mudders' titled You Know You Have a Locking Diff. Basically, I don't do that type of under water riding, other than a slight water hole to cross, so I"m not worried. If the brake/lock on the front doesn't work, I do have the winch. dc
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