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    Welcome to the forum! Post a picture or two and we can see what you have going on I will send contact information to your message box as well AKATV
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    No college grad would figure that out. That's brilliant.
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    it was right at $400 for a 24 hr rental and that included the damage insurance. I always get the insurance cause #1) I'm not very experienced, so I know there is a risk of me doing something stupid to a machine and #2) see #1...LOL anyway..I worked it hard...took it to it's limits and beyond several times, but yeah, it was nice to get so much recovered from a decade of neglect and growth.
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    AKATV, does this kind of work in his spare time. Keep searching, you will find him. ur on the right thread..
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    Sold! It's not as good a shape as i thought but very close it's now mine, one more 300 saved! The grey is defrent, I've always liked blue or red, but being it's an 88 .... And th engine has never been broken into nor sunk.... Did alright i recon...... Called a friend of mine down laweranceberge ...... Ether the 97 or the grey is going to be flipped.... I don't need 4 bikes.......$1700. Which i thought wouldn't close the deal. But yep sold......if he doesn't want it, i might list it here.
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    Welcome to ATVHonda forum --- @AKATV is the display Guru , I just alerted him for you
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    We got us a college grad here !!!
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    Put 2+2 together on this one
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    So I let them set up for well over a week & here they are. I used stainless bolts so should t have issues with any rust. I LOVE them. The paint seems really solid too!
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    u r wrong.. I’m not going to say they protect my feet at all! I will say they r nice addition for alternate places to stand as well as may help my wife out while she is in the back as she is very short… but NO I won’t say they protect ur feet…
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    Well come to find out I ha e a bad tie rod end & not a bad bearing. I called Honda & I swear to God they wanted $63 an end. I said NO way! I called up a local shop & they have me an upgraded tie rod complete set coming. Not a clue if it’s AllBalls or not... $145 for the complete kit. If it is, I’ll see how it lasts compared to the OEM joints. I couldn’t justify $252 for just the ends.
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    i believe ??? there's thread some place (probably) in the old forums about someone drilling, tapping and adding zerk fittings ... to atv ball joints.
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    Greaseable joints would be great. I don't ride mud, or water. I mean I built mine basically to conquer anything I come across on the trail.. streams, mud holes etc... these joints are 4 years old this fall. Fish, only reason I went local, is because I need them by this week end. Shipping into Canada sucks! I ordered my WideOpen Repair kit from HL last month. Been calling every week as to what's up. They just shipped it out yesterday.
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