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  1. Well I finally got it off. Went and got some bolt biters from tractor supply’s. I tried to get off with a ratchet bit know go. I cut a pipe 8 inches in length. I had to really bare down on it. Finally it broke loose thinking I broke the head off. But I got lucky on that one. Actually the bolt isn’t that bad. So I tighten it back up snuggly. I’ve never encountered a bolt that tight.
  2. You have your work cut out for you. I’m right across the bridge from you. It’s been nice all wk until now. Then it’s suppose to get cold this wk end. Might get out and do some squirrel hunting.
  3. The previous owner left it uncovered since new. It has some slight surface rust. And to be honest I think it had the original oil in it. It was pretty black to only have 1500 miles on it. Well now at least it has fresh Honda oil in it besides the filter. I can’t understand stand people paying that much money for a rig. Then through negligence or more money than sense Just don’t take care of it. I figured y’all would know how to go about it. Much appreciated 👍
  4. What’s up Man. Yes I’m referring to the oil filter cap bolt. Probably take it to a friend’s shop and work on it. Working nights doesn’t give a fellow much time to do anything. I have my rubicon to ride in the mean time.
  5. Well about two wks ago I bought a used rincon 07 model. It has 1600 miles and 260 hrs on it And old guy was the original owner who only hunted on it. It’s mechanically sound plenty of power shifts good. Plastics are faded a bit but not to worried about that at the moment. This is the problem I’m having now. I changed the oil and went to take the 12 mm bolt off when I felt it slip. I didn’t want to mess it up any further. What are y’all’s expertise on this. Can I get one of those sockets that grab on to the bolt like a ease out I think. Or weld a nut on top of that and see if it will come off.
  6. Thanks Buckchops I may take you up on that offer.
  7. Dang I wish I had posted this earlier lol. I seen some of the newer ones at Lowe’s $1400 😳. I haven’t giving up yet. I have a few leads and hopefully they will pay off.
  8. Dang I wish I had posted this earlier lol. I seen some of the newer ones at Lowe’s $1400 😳.
  9. I know this is a Honda related item. But I didn’t know where else to put it. I’m looking for an older model Troy built tiller prefer one that has the older Kohler cast iron engine that’s in good shape. Would like to buy one from the surrounding area Ms.
  10. Loosemarbles


    I bought a smith&wesson MP 40cal. It was one of the worst pistol I ever owned. I couldn’t hit a bull in the butt at 10 yards. Smith& Wesson makes good firearms. I got a lemon and left a sour taste in my mouth. So I bought a Sig p250 40 cal and a Sig p226 9mm. Both are very accurate.
  11. Loosemarbles


    72 Here today under cloudy skies. Seen some nice bullfrogs on the bayou. Thinking about going Sunday and get a mess.
  12. Please spade or nurture your Atv. Lol
  13. Mostly flat land in my area. We ride swamps slews poison snakes alligators crack heads.
  14. I use gn4 or Honda semi synthetic. Which ever one they have in stock good stuff.
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