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  1. Thanks Buckchops I may take you up on that offer.
  2. Dang I wish I had posted this earlier lol. I seen some of the newer ones at Lowe’s $1400 😳. I haven’t giving up yet. I have a few leads and hopefully they will pay off.
  3. Dang I wish I had posted this earlier lol. I seen some of the newer ones at Lowe’s $1400 😳.
  4. I know this is a Honda related item. But I didn’t know where else to put it. I’m looking for an older model Troy built tiller prefer one that has the older Kohler cast iron engine that’s in good shape. Would like to buy one from the surrounding area Ms.
  5. Loosemarbles


    I bought a smith&wesson MP 40cal. It was one of the worst pistol I ever owned. I couldn’t hit a bull in the butt at 10 yards. Smith& Wesson makes good firearms. I got a lemon and left a sour taste in my mouth. So I bought a Sig p250 40 cal and a Sig p226 9mm. Both are very accurate.
  6. Loosemarbles


    72 Here today under cloudy skies. Seen some nice bullfrogs on the bayou. Thinking about going Sunday and get a mess.
  7. Please spade or nurture your Atv. Lol
  8. Mostly flat land in my area. We ride swamps slews poison snakes alligators crack heads.
  9. I use gn4 or Honda semi synthetic. Which ever one they have in stock good stuff.
  10. Loosemarbles


    You can add whiskey rum and moonshine to that list also😂
  11. Loosemarbles


    The marlin custom shop no thanks lol. I’ve had good luck ordering Guns from gun brokers. I think I paid $450 for the older model and $750 for the newer one. Both are very accurate with cci mini mags or eley subsonic. I’m on the look out for a Winchester 9422 real fine rifle.
  12. Loosemarbles


    I almost bought a vortex. Wish I would have now. I have the Nikon with adjustable turrets on it now. It’s clear and bright out to 75 yards. We have coyotes here really bad. And I would like to step it up to 200 yards. But the scope that I’ve seen that will reach that are around $600 to $2000😳
  13. I seen those advertising that product a wk or so on tv. That’s pretty cool and would like a few of those in my tool box.
  14. I’ve seen a few like this they work quite well. Trying to talk my wife into getting either the disc or the pull behind garden tiller. I have a tiller but man is that thing a pain to operate.
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