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  1. Glad you got it fixed, and thanks for reporting what you did. That will hopefully help others in the future when they're searching for answers.
  2. You could sell your 424 and just buy a 350 front driveshaft. The front driveshaft can be bought a LOT cheaper than what your 424 is worth.
  3. I'm pushing 50, and I'm a Jr, so we have a new girl at work who's 22 IIRC who saw Dad/my name on the schedule, with a birthday in 1938. She said "You look really young to be that old!" I guess when you're 22 everyone over 40 is "old"
  4. Welcome aboard. If everything has been working properly up until now my first path would be to unplug all the connectors, clean them out with CRC contact cleaner, smear some dialectic grease around the edge of each plug, and then plug them back in. Loose/ dirty connections are the most common issue on these Hondas as they get older. Try that (pull the front fender and leave it off to make sure the problem is fixed before you put it back on, that allows access to all the plugs up front), and if it doesn't work, report back.
  5. The good thing about ebay is if it's "used" and it's non functional when you get it, you can file an "item not as advertised" and get your money back. Only things that are listed as "for parts or not working" can truly be "no returns" I normally check feedback, and the ones who are good will normally be honest sellers who will make it right if you get a bad/ worn part. Powersportsnation isn't nearly as cheap as they used to be, especially on front diffs (which they now separate and sell the actuator and diff separately, which would keep me from ordering a front diff from them). That said, they have never given me a bit of grief when I have had a problem with any part they've sent me. They've always replaced or refunded immediately.
  6. The regular ES machines are the same as a footshift mechanically other than the electric shift motor on the front. The automatics are the machines without a clutch adjustment. The automatics all have an “ES mode” so rule of thumb is “if it has automatic it’s not an ES, even if it has ES buttons” look for a 14mm nut on the front cover, towards left center of the engine cover
  7. i know Powersportsnation started separating the actuator and pinion from the diff and selling them separately. If you look around I think you’ll find a complete used front diff as cheap or cheaper than the actuator alone will cost.
  8. Think you’ll have to remove front fender, then it just plugs in. I would have checked connections first. A bad connection is much more likely than a bad handlebar switch.
  9. Coupler on the engine side has a spring up in it. Pry the coupler forward, away from the engine. Should be able to clear it then.
  10. I'm not 100% positive on this, but I know the gear ratios are the same. 05-11 Foreman 500, 05-14 Rubicon, 03-current Rincon, and 02-04 450 Foreman....pretty sure they'll all interchange.
  11. @AKATV is your guy. Looks like he's away from home for a bit, but is still checking the board. I tagged him, so give him a little time to respond. Can you post a pic of your meter with key on and headlights on?
  12. Yep, in that case, probably not a bad idea to replace valves. If oversized you should see .25, .50 etc on it. If not marked it's likely a std piston. And yes, front oil tank, then front cover to access the clutch, which comes off and then you'll see the oil pump chain and timing chain.
  13. Yes. Pull it all the way forward. You might have to pull and pry on the seal at the front of the driveshaft to get it off the diff. There's a spring between the coupler on the engine end and the shaft itself as well, so you'll have some play there to work with as well.
  14. My guess is you have a pinion bearing that's gone south then. Once you start looking at replacing parts on these front diffs, the cost of new parts gets up there pretty quickly. You can pull the front diff forward, remove front driveshaft, and then unbolt the actuator and pry it off the back of the front diff for inspection. Depending on what you find, I think you'll find you're better off buying a used complete front diff with actuator and speed sensors than trying to replace that actuator alone. 05-11 Foreman footshift and ES, 05-14 Rubicon, and Rincon front diffs should work. The only differences in any of those is male/female plugs differ from year to year, and it's simple enough to either buy a pigtail from Honda or cut/splice the wires to correct. Let us know what you find.
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