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  1. I'm here, work has been crazy for last few months. Worked on the Big (White) Red build a little. Like Fishfiles said I bought back my old built 300 mud bike and will be working on it soon. Also piecing back together a parts bike 300 4x4, I always said I had enough parts to build another bike and finally took the challenge. Have it almost a rolling chassis.
  2. Commercial Kitchen Fire suppression systems, paint booths, fire extinguishers and emergency lighting. Family business going on 16 years this year. At this point I’ve been doing it over 1/2 my lifetime full time.
  3. Jeep, I use a tiny carbide burr on a dremel and "score" the wire then you can get a better bite to spin it around. I also fill hole with brakecleaner and use compressed air to blow through and try and get the crap out then pb blaster to lube the wire.
  4. Thanks Fish, if he has the bases, rubber grommets and brackets I can buy the bulbs and lenses from Honda.
  5. There’s already a 2.5” spacer on the rears Fish. I’m thinking I’d need a 3.5-4 to make it look like I want to with those flares on it. Future plans are a set of 29.5 or 31 outlaw wides. With the side lug they have I think I’d be ok with the flares. Trying to figure what to do with the tail lights now. I didn’t have any in the other fenders and people are proud of them on eBay.
  6. Id like to find a set of the metal tubing hand guards but haven’t been able to find any for sale yet. I got the maier flares that go on these fenders but the tire doesn’t stick far enough out for me to want to put them on. Probably need a 3.5” spacer to make it look right. Going to leave them off for now till I look at it a while, lol
  7. I’m working on a custom plate to mount 2 7” led bars in that headlight cage. Have a set of trx300 floorboards in the shop, have thought about trying those but will probably end up getting my buddy to fab some for me.
  8. 28x11x14 Zillas all around on MSA Diesels. 2.5” spaced in the back. Also put new 250SX shock boots to cover the extended forks up. Got new fenders on and getting paint mixed to paint tank and forks tomorrow. Body shop buddy of mine is going to shoot the tank and forks for me.
  9. Deleted the front brake, don’t see the need for it on a slow moving mud/yard bike and it looks better to me. Needed a spacer to take up the space where backing plate was, determined that the sleeve was steel inside an aluminum housing, took it to the press and pressed the sleeve out.
  10. I'll get pics this afternoon when I put the tires back on. I totally forgot to take a pic of the installed reduction before I put the side cover on, LOL
  11. 18% GR installed this weekend, was able to modify the cup to keep the neutral light functional. Sanded racks down and painted with bedliner spray. Tires being mounted today, 28x11x14 Zillas on MSA Diesels.
  12. I’m going to use the stock springs. I don’t think I’ll need the stiffer springs for just a 18%
  13. Out with the stock gears and in with the new. Custom no weld Reduction Boss 18% and EBC clutch kit going in.
  14. They May be turning 30’s on flat ground. But this bike is getting 28” OL2 for now and probably step up to 31’s when I can find a deal on them. Reduction Boss quality is great and he’s down the road from me so the money is well spent I think.
  15. Took a drive down to see my buddy, he makes the best Honda gear reductions I think in the US. Reduction Boss Machining. He’s doing some neat stuff, one piece solid primary’s and cutting gears from new stock not using used factory gears like all the other builders. Picked up a 40% for my 420 rancher build and picked up a 30% for my buddies 350 rancher he’s building.
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