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  1. Sounds like timing chain jumped.....Id pull the head and see whats up before ordering too many parts.
  2. Pull the starter gear cover and check to make sure the teeth on the gears are there. Some of them would break a tooth and make a bad noise
  3. LBZ


    I have a 7500W Generac portable genset. 30Amp twistlock connector tied in to the house panel. I have to cut the main power and then turn the generator breakers on and plug unit in. I have gas stove and plenty of grills outside. The 7kw will run most anything in the house except AC and heat. Water heater and drier run fine except not at same time. At night I have a 2kw Honda inverter gen that we will run a drop cord into the house for fridge and a couple fans if summer and fireplace blower if winter. It will run most of the night on 1G fuel.
  4. It sure sounds like you have a non wet clutch compatible oil to me.....
  5. I use one, It works wonderfully. I personally use simple green diluted in mine. It foams up and cuts the mud off easily.
  6. These are just some of the ones I’ve owned, lol
  7. That bike was built and is owned by my buddy.
  8. My 85’ 250sx that is getting a timing chain this weekend, My “Albino” 250ES My 1984 ATC110 that my grandpa bought brand new. Still cranks first pull.
  9. Bought the little walk behind lift from a closing down factory for $300, it now has long forks and a platform that will raise a full size foreman lengthways for me to work on. Then I have my work forklift with the pioneer on it changing tires. The big lift at my shop with the boom pole is useful for unloading all my junk
  10. I'm here, work has been crazy for last few months. Worked on the Big (White) Red build a little. Like Fishfiles said I bought back my old built 300 mud bike and will be working on it soon. Also piecing back together a parts bike 300 4x4, I always said I had enough parts to build another bike and finally took the challenge. Have it almost a rolling chassis.
  11. Commercial Kitchen Fire suppression systems, paint booths, fire extinguishers and emergency lighting. Family business going on 16 years this year. At this point I’ve been doing it over 1/2 my lifetime full time.
  12. Jeep, I use a tiny carbide burr on a dremel and "score" the wire then you can get a better bite to spin it around. I also fill hole with brakecleaner and use compressed air to blow through and try and get the crap out then pb blaster to lube the wire.
  13. Thanks Fish, if he has the bases, rubber grommets and brackets I can buy the bulbs and lenses from Honda.
  14. There’s already a 2.5” spacer on the rears Fish. I’m thinking I’d need a 3.5-4 to make it look like I want to with those flares on it. Future plans are a set of 29.5 or 31 outlaw wides. With the side lug they have I think I’d be ok with the flares. Trying to figure what to do with the tail lights now. I didn’t have any in the other fenders and people are proud of them on eBay.
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