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  1. Those are almost the exact prices we're paying now for a litre of gas in BC these days. (one US gallon = approx. 4 litres)
  2. spock


    Around here, firewood used to go pretty cheap since there was lots of bug killed pine available. Most went for around $100-150 a cord but those days are gone! The load I got was 2.5 cords and was $650 delivered (cut to length & split). The good part is that most was fir, seems to last way longer than that dead pine.
  3. spock


    Winters are a lot more tolerable, at least indoors, with a good wood stove like the Blaze King we have. This year I have a good supply of fir & birch which is awesome! The worst part is going out to the wood shed when it's time to reload, haha.
  4. spock


    It's brutally cold up here in the frozen north! Got down to minus 40C last night - that's the same as -40F btw. At 10 am it's now up to -32, gawd I can't wait for this to end!!
  5. Is the gear inside the engine cases - the one the shift motor turns - getting jammed? If so, the failure is likely an internal Hondamatic issue.
  6. It's also possible it has a choke cable that's corroded and won't allow the choke valve to close completely. Seen it a few times, something to check out.
  7. Sounds familiar, had a brand new Cat ATV that wouldn't start right out of the crate. Ended up being a loose wire connection at the coil. They just use some cheesy spade connector that wasn't tight enough - great quality control guys!
  8. I worked (briefly) for an Arctic Cat dealership and found their wiring to be less than ideal. Too bad I can't be of more help, I just recall having to diagnose problems that were related to wiring and sometimes a new, complete harness was required. The way the factory did the routing was pretty bush league so I'm sure you can do better on your own!
  9. They may be junk alright, I don't know much about them. It's interesting that they are now in partnership with KTM so they can't be all that bad.... https://www.zigwheels.com/news-features/news/who-is-cfmoto-exactly/33139/
  10. Yeah, I tend to agree with you on this one. Something electrical is the first thing that comes to mind....the question is, what could cause this but not trigger a fault code? Very strange! My experience with a failed Hondamatic was one that worked fine when cold, but when fully warmed up it slipped - similar to a bad clutch.
  11. Well, it sounds to me like you've tried everything there is to test. That leaves the Hondamatic itself which is known for failures in those early years. Strange that it seems different in reverse, but I believe your issue is mechanical and most likely is due to an oil pressure type of malfunction. Hey, I just noticed that our dogs are looking at each other, haha!
  12. Have you inspected the reverse switch - the one attached to the shifter you operate with your hand? It's found in the service manual on page 22-13.
  13. spock

    Roasted stator

    Oh yeah, can't forget the loose front left wheel that I thought would be a bad bearing, it's much worse than that. Upper ball joint to knuckle is knackered!
  14. spock

    Roasted stator

    Well, the Grizzly nightmare continues! Brake pads worn through, not just metal to metal but now it's only got one side left - caliper piston onto disc should work, eh?
  15. spock

    Roasted stator

    Funny that you mention the auto transmission on those Yama-haha's. It is a belt drive CVT system but unlike the Polaris & Can Am it has an engagement clutch. This is similar to Honda with a centrifugal, wet clutch that keeps the belt alive much longer. It's a superior setup and rarely gives trouble. BTW, I got the stator installed and it's charging just fine. On to the next stage, good grief this thing is hurting. Can't test ride it much now anyway, there's a lot of snow here and spring breakup has started - the trails are trash!
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