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What was your most memorable, funnest, bestest ride ever?

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I was looking through some old pictures recently and it got me to thinking why I got back into owning ATV's again.  My most memorable, funnest ride ever is without a doubt when I went to Alaska for the first time and my buddies brother in-law who lived there had a Honda Foreman ES and a Polaris sxs.  He took us on a 23 mile ride (one way) to a Glacier.  It was awesome, we even stopped to fish for salmon in a beautiful stream on the way back.  This got me to thinking it might be nice to hear what everyone else considers their most memorable off road experience, so please share.  Here are just a few pictures from my 2010 Alaska trip.  Enjoy!










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sure would like some water from that ice.. .. nice picture's. my rides are small, but i survived a few, that are funny, not quite the same theme.. i think i might tell a story tomorrow.

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