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    I recently built this trailer as a project. I built the whole thing for around $100. The steel tubing is reclaimed steel from a local closed down coal mine along with a couple pieces of an old bed frame. The spindles and wheels were cut out of a 92 vwvjetta and modified to fit. The bearings were seized in one of the hubs so I had to cut them out putting my cost over 100. I'm still trying to recover from this😁 there was not one straight piece of steel, but with torches, grinders, ratchet straps, and my trusty ol Lincoln 225, she sits square and true (mostly😷) feedback welcome!
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    Have had at least one Honda quad for the last twenty years, currently have Foreman 400 and TRX250TM .
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    here's your sigh!!
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    Hello everyone from Nova Scotia, Canada. I have an 09 foreman with about 10000 km. It mows my fields, plows my drive, hauls firewood, and rips around when givin the chance. Been reliable as an anvil.
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    well, you got me pegged on the old part for sure !..rofl.
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    live seen just a few like some of these... talk about expensive AND time consuming to maintain.
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    Just about got the 87 I'm building for my wife wrapped up. Spent most my day off today refurbishing the front knuckles and brake panels. Got new OEM shoes and lines bled about as good as they'll get. I'm looking for a better rear blue fender, but may have to go with what I got for now. The carb slide seems to be sticking, even after I cleaned the ! out of it. I'll be pulling it again to deal with before I put the airbox in. Hope to have the fenders on this weekend. Pics to follow. I'm rushing this one a bit lately because I really want to get to the 86 TRX350A, I have on deck.
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    you better do some more home work, ----> https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/honda/atv/1987/trx350d-a-fourtrax-foreman-4x4/handlebar . how many wires do you see on this switch ? ( one is hidden ).
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    Ribeye baked potato and coors light. Is there a coors lite car ??
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    So I picked up a decent looking blue 87 yesterday and am grabbing what I need off it. Looking it over, I almost hate to part it out. It has some issues, but nothing that can't be fixed. I got a guy who contacted me from Michigan who wants to come buy a good running bike, So I'll probably throw one together for him. This one is a good candidate. Anyhow, it came with an aftermarket ignition that wasn't working and I thought of Shadetree and this thread. I'm not about to spend any money if I don't have to and this ignition had two keys and looks like new. Took the round contact plate out and found one of the contacts had practically dissolved away. Found an old ignition switch I had for an 87 with no key and the wires cut. Put that contact plate in the aftermarket key set and soldered an OEM sub harness to it. Good as new, and only cost me some blood when I stabbed myself in the hand taking one of the ignition switches apart :)
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    Picked up this yesterday to help finish up my wife's ride. Found the gas tank and cap in good condition, so I'll be swapping it out for the plastic aftermarket tank I have in there now. The rear fender is about the only other thing I needed. Didn't have the tool box or front bumper I needed, so I'll still be on the lookout for those. Should have this wrapped up tomorrow. Pics to follow.
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    their making a left turn, their making another left turn. from Jeff Dunham and Sweet Daddy D
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    My 6x6 Polaris has a set of tracks for the rear wheels. So far, I haven't been able to get it stuck with the tracks installed. I'm slowly running out of time tho. At 72, I lack "SOME" of the stupidity I once had. Soooooooooo !!!!!!!!!! I bought this thing in 2003. Was taking hunters to Colorado Elk Hunting. The regulations for hauling and using horses for elk retrieval got so stupid and expensive, this was a better way to go. I won't even guess how many elk that thing has hauled. But it is a lot! I've had two men over 200 lbs. sitting on the front rack. Just to hold the front end on the ground while climbing some steep hills with an elk lashed in the box. Hey, hold my beer ! Watch this !
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    Looks like fire red rust paint.
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    small update: hey outlaws, sorry no updates on this build lately ?, i have been very busy with other things lately, have had a ton of things going on around the house, just have not had time to post any progress pic's or post on this. i've been waiting on some parts to come in, nothing to keep me from getting stuff done though !. either today or tonight, tomorrow ?, i will jump back on this, and get back into the swing of this !. as some of you know, i've been working on getting my brand new fire arm, and its been a real pain lately !!. still fighting this crap, now i sit and wait for MORE PAPER WORK !!..GRRRR...LOL. anyway, i'll try to get some pic's posted soon !!.
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    this is just plain stupid! why would anyone trash a long nose classic Pete ??
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    Yeah, I figured while I had the bearings out I'd paint the knuckles. I think it was Jeep once mentioning removing the bearing seals and putting fresh grease in the OEM bearings. It worked like a charm, and the bearing seals pressed right back into place. Very happy with how they turned out.
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    Well so far this one doesn't need anything to ride it. But holy crud are the parts expensive!
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    A friend gave me a Polaris 500 Sportsman , I thanked him at the time , now I curse him under my breath , LOL --- " Money Pit " , any money spent on it , would be better saved for TP on the next round of shortages
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    Sorry, Shadetree. Only have the one I'm using for my current build. I've been holding onto it for over 2 years. I tried selling it on eBay once with the housing and lights for $75 when ya'll told me they were discontinued and the aftermarket ones sold for all years wouldn't be right. Anyhow, it never sold, thankfully. I'm assuming the aftermarket ones can be made to work or it would have sold in the 6 months I had it listed. I do have an oem for an 86 but I'll need that one too now.
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    oh yeah!! torquing up!! that pea brained al gore would have a fit.... lol!
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