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  1. Back when I first started riding there was a guy who made a wooden low profile box that he bolted to the front rack on his wheeler, and had it full of tools.
  2. I'm not much good with electrical stuff. Maybe @Melatv or @retro will chime in. They're the masters on the wiring stuff. @AKATV's really good with it as well.
  3. Order a new adjustment screw, toss in a drawer, and ride it till you need to adjust it again, or until you have to pull the front cover off for some other reason. If it's working fine now, leave it alone and ride it!
  4. I'm going to stop and check it in the next couple of days. She said she thinks the coil is in her shop, but I haven't had time to look for it yet. She's out of town at the moment
  5. Yes sir, pull front cover, remove old adjustment bolt, then install new, reinstall front cover. One of the first jobs I did on an ATV, as my 09 Foreman clutch adjustment screw was seized when I tried to adjust it and I ruined the end of it trying to adjust it. If you stand the wheeler straight up on the back rack, it will stand up and you can remove the front cover without draining the oil and making a mess. Have to remove fan and swing it out of the way. I think on the 350 you have to pull the front driveshaft too in order to get the front cover off.
  6. Well we can work on this together. I just looked at a 2012 Foreman (prettymuch the same machine) that blew that same fuse this morning. Owner recently put an aftermarket coil on it trying to troubleshoot (ended up being rat gnawed wires). I got it running, and then a few days later it died again. When I started messing with it this morning, blew that 10AMP fuse, and I let the smoke out of that coil, so I'm going to try to dig up the original and see if it works any better. We might be troubleshooting these two together if an OEM coil doesn't fix the problem.
  7. And, no so fast. Woman called me back, said it again has no spark. This morning I stopped by briefly, tried @Melatv's trick or running a wire from battery + to red/black wire on the coil. This resulted in the coil hissing and smoking, and of course, a blown fuse after a second or two while I was trying to get the wire off☠️ When they were troubleshooting the no spark issue initially, the woman said she replaced the coil, and I will presume they used a china/ebay/amazon replacement since they also put a Caltric voltage regulator on. Plan is to try to find the original coil and put it back on, and if she doesn't still have it, to order one from PSN. Would a bad coil (possibly an internal short) react this way to Mel's wire trick, or do I have other wiring issues to track down?
  8. I use garbage bag ties and strip the coating off of the wire
  9. jeepwm69

    Screen Burn

    Welcome aboard. Post a pic of what you have, preferably with the headlights on so the backlighting is on. @AKATV is the meter guru here.
  10. What are you soaking it in? Berrymans is what I use, but I have an old bucket of it. The EPA has really made a lot of stuff that used to work, not work anymore. Not sure if Berryman's current offerings are good or not.
  11. @AKATV is the man you seek. He should be along shortly.
  12. PS 4944 I believe. Same filter that the 300, 450 Foreman, and 05-11 500 Foreman takes
  13. Rotella T4 15W40 is JASO MA (what is required by Honda) rated, cheap, and readily available everywhere. Get a filter at NAPA and cut your oil change cost by 2/3’s
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