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    Another 424 fully rebuilt with new cable… I charge $75 for replacement cable & $250 for full rebuild including new cable… Cheers!
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    Sent this to a buddy yesterday. He went and got it this morning. $9500😲 The guy at the dealership (I don't trust this dealership, but thought what was said was interesting) said that they no longer get to order what they want, that everything is allocation. Honda has been sending them red and blue 2wd's, when everyone around here wants camo or green 4wds. He said that there is a ton of inventory sitting in New York of all places, but that he can't get what he wants to sell, and they send him other things that are difficult for him to move. At any rate, whether there is any truth to that or not, I still thought the purchase price for a RANCHER was noteworthy. Holy crap things have gotten expensive.
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    Howdy 😄 Hope all is good!
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    If the pins are a good match, i cant see it being a problem. I switched a 420 cyl/piston with a 475cc. Went right together.
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    Do you get the pun ? He must have been granted 3 wishes and on his first wish , he wished for a BIG COCK and did not get exactly what he had in mind
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    450 jug will bolt on. Keep the 400 head for a compression bump, as it has a slightly smaller combustion chamber.
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    Smart kid. My wife yelled at me a couple of months ago when she caught me in the shower with my Jeep soft top.
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    If your using bel-ray foam (wicked foam oil) oil...... Wd-40 is your friend...
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    Hm....... Gotta give who ever snapped that pic credit, its a perfect likness of Oprah Winfrey.......
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    when new..yes..they are a tad harder to shift...don't worry..it will shift easier the more you ride it. other than normal oil changes, brake shoe checks , air filter changes, spark plug changes, lubing the cables, keeping the fuel treated when sitting ?, its an easy atv to maintain.
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    Yeah, I caught that. Arkansas is AR, and when people are verifying my address on the phone they always say "Arizona?"
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    I disagree. My 3 year old will not do what she's told by anyone, whether right or wrong.
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    AKATV is quietly chuckling at the lower right middle state, um... thats NOT Alaska... lol... probably need a geography lesson instead of history lesson......... Just having fun---I get it..........
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    is that you fish ???..lol.
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    I use mineral spirits/ parts cleaner and just clean it, blow it dry with the air compressor, oil and reinstall. If you continue doing the method where you have to wait just buy a spare filter so you can always have one ready to go.
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    Yeah that "right to repair" lawsuit really showed everyone what Deere corp was. We had a few big farmers switch to Case after that whole fiasco. But what I was referring to was what Toodeep said about Honda trying to kill out the little dealers. My best friend growing up, his family owned half interest in the John Deere dealership here for years. When they decided to sell, Deere wouldn't allow them to sell to anyone local. It ended up being bought by Greenway, which was the only buyer that Deere would approve, and Greenway is a giant network of Deere dealers (32 dealerships) A few years ago a local used farm parts operation (pretty big one) realized that they could buy new Deere parts from Tennessee dealers and resell them and STILL be cheaper than Greenway. Greenway cried to Deere, so Deere told the Tenn dealers that if they sold any more parts to the used farm parts operation that Deere would pull their account. Big conglomerates like that are bullies, and once they get big, they have no problem screwing customers either, because the owner of the dealership doesn't live in your town, doesn't live 3 doors down, and has no interest in anything about you except your wallet. That's not farming, and I hate Deere for doing it. Looks like Honda is doing the same thing now. The world is being ruined by MBA's.
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    I think I have this right , maybe you can tell me if and where I have the story wrong , I seen recently that Deer lost a battle , that was not allowing owners to work on their own machines , if they did they lost their warranty ------------------------ On another note , a guy I know had a coolant leak coming from under the seat area of his John Deere dozer , I looked at it and my first thought was a heater , but this was a open cab machine ( no glass ) , so after I looked , I found a fuel DEF canister thing with coolant hoses going to it , learned it is a DEF heater for cold climates , to warm the DEF to better work with the DEF system , a plastic hose barb broke off the housing of the pump , so I told him it should be under warranty as the machine was about 3 years old , he told me , it only had a one year warranty as he did not buy any extensions , I told him that I had always thought from what I read and heard was John Deere or any manufacturer " HAD " to honor the emissions for 10 years , so he went into them again and they again denied him warranty service , now that DEF heater / pump gizmo cost $3,000 plus labor to install it , I told him to tell them he had no choice but to lawyer up , in the end they sent out a tech and changed the part free of charge I have since learned that you don't even need that DEF warmer crap down here were we live , it doesn't get cold enough , it could have been bypassed
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    Sounds a lot like what Deere has done around here.
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    I'm glad i have the old school bikes..... Wouldn't have most of this new stuff coming out...... If? I can help it.... Your right jeep thats just crazy... And yeah fish, there needed for farm use, but farmers are now moving more and more to utv types and away from atvs.... Still doesnt give them much if any relief... Because .... They still can't repair those new types.. Compared to repairing the older models... But they loose there also because parts for the older better models are becoming more, n more rare..... So ether way... They got you by the throat... There's no way I'm paying that much for a bike.... Especially... When i know... Mine will out last them newer models....
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    There's a lot of truth to what honda is doing to the dealers. My thoughts are they are trying to force the "little guys" out of business. If they only allow them to get what they can't sell it's hard for them to make money. Honda is still moving product so they only are looking at numbers. I seen it coming and pretty much got out. My parents still have the dealership but it has become more of a shoe store than a Honda dealership to keep the lights on. 50 some years and they are trying to starve them out of business.. The bad part is that is when the price gouging comes in. When a product is hard to get, you can get what your asking out of it. Used vehicles are finally starting to come back down but they are still over priced as well. It's been a sellers market.
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    They getting pricey bought a 2019 Rancher 420 4wd from The Honda dealer in Covington, La. for $5195 in Jan. 2020. They gave me $3000 trade-in on the 2017 Rancher 420 2wd. Looks like I will keep mine was thinking about a Honda Foreman in a couple years they must be 10K Plus.
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    Yeah my buddy said this one is going in the garage....LOL
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    No trade in , we got 10% total tax down here , (it is like 6% to the Feds and 4% to the State ) , the maximum extended warranty was a lot , can't remember the exact number , think it was like $1,500 , some kind of dealer prep or destination fee , I would bet he has GAP insurance , brand new , flipped in the water wouldn't be pretty , it does have a winch ----- he was here Saturday and took the bike home , it was here for 4 weeks in the weather and he has a garage at home ---- he bought his from Honda of Covington , I just tried to call them , but they are closed on Monday
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    That's freaking insane! My friend here is a farmer, so no taxes for him on it, and I doubt he got any extras on it at all, but it was the DCT with power steering. Looks like an ES without power steering retails at $7299. I know they're gonna add a bunch of fees to that, but $12K is way out there. Was he upside down on a trade in or something?
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    My buddy just bought a 420 new from the dealer , with all the taxes , fees , extensions to warranty , etc , etc , he said it was right at $12,000 , so I would guess $9,500 is base price , or a good price if that out the door --- also there were no picking anything out , they were coming in one and two at a time and they were going off the list , you either take it or the next guy is up , he got a ES , straight axle , no power steering
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